Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Amazing Holiday

In my holiday I didn't really do much but play Xbox but the second week was more exiting the first because I went over to Luke's house.

This is how it all started we were both on Xbox talking to each other on line then Luke came up with the bright idea of me coming over to his house so I did we met halfway. When we met halfway I saw someone else in the distance it was Nathan who is one of Luke's best friends. On our way back to Luke's house we stopped of at Nathan's nan's house and got some soda stream but I wasn't thirsty so I was just chatting. We finally made back at Luke's house and we played Xbox for maybe ten minutes then we decided to go to the park. So we went on Instagram and asked people if they wanted to go to the park there was some people that said they were coming but didn't so we just hanged out at the park and did some parkour.

So that pretty much concludes that one day of my holiday it was really fun for me because I got to hang out with some friends and because we did some parkour so would like to hang with me for the holidays? 

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