Monday, 20 July 2015


Image result for jumpMy holiday started off being quite boring. We did go to see the minions movie on the first Saturday but for another week or so, the holidays was just a drag. Every morning I would go downstairs and watch TV and sit there like a couch potato. That was one of the most exciting things that happened most of the days! Could you stay at home every day of the school holidays without going somewhere like extreme edge rock climbing or ice skating. Well that's almost what happened the entire holidays for me. But then, I got a text from Carl asking if I wanted to go to jump with him the next Thursday. I accepted immediately! I was so happy, something fun was finally going to happen! I got the text on a Wednesday so I didn't have to wait that long. The next day I got picked up at 2pm and headed off to jump. Once we got there I went straight to the dodge-ball. What can I say, I love the game. Then after a few games of dodge-ball I went to the free jump zone where I did a couple of mini stunts. I got a bit tired and decided to go to the basketball hoop where I did a couple of slam dunks. Jumping is very serious business and very tiring work, so me and Carl had a quick drink. Man was I thirsty, all that jumping was really hard work! But after a quick swig I was feeling all better and went straight back to the dodge-ball court. After kicking a few peoples butts at dodge ball I decided to go to the foam pit. I went onto the rope swing first and held on for quite a long time. Then I jumped on the trampoline into the foam pit and did a couple of forward flips. But unfortunately the fun ended and I had to leave with Carl and his mum.

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