Wednesday, 29 July 2015

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Importance of comma's

Without comma:Let's eat boss
With comma:Let's eat, boss

Without comma:Your donation just helped someone get a job.
With comma:Your donation just helped someone, get a job

Without comma:we are going to learn how to cut and paste kids!
With comma:We are going to learn how to cut and paste, kids!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Comma used in correctly changes the sentence

 The importance of commas - 
I had eggs, toast, and orange juice
I had eggs, toast and orange juice



1=Let’s eat grandma
2=Let’s eat kids
3=Let’s eat grandpa
4=Let’s bake mom
5=Let’s cut dad
6=Let’s eat brother
7=Go eat my child
8=It’s time to eat children

1=Let’s eat,grandma
2=Let’s eat,kids
3=Let’s eat,grandpa
4=Let’s bake,mom
5=Let’s cut,dad
6=Let’s eat,brother
7=Go eat, my child
8=It’s time to eat, children

The importance of comma's

Cows please close gate.

Cows, please close gate.

Comma fun!

Without a comma: Chickens keep dogs on a lead
With a comma: Chickens, keep dogs on lead.

Without comma: Please no smoking food beverages in the clinic
With comma: Please no smoking, food or beverages in the clinic

Without comma: Slow children crossing
With comma: Slow, children crossing

Comma's are not to be underestimated

Comma's are important too!

Without punctuation: It’s time to eat children.
With punctuation: It’s time to eat, Children.

Without punctuation: Kill, not innocent
With punctuation: kill not, innocent

The importance of commas

Let’s eat grandpa - Let’s eat, grandpa.

I take inspiration in cooking dogs and family - I take inspiration in, cooking dogs, and family.
Unable to eat diarrhea - Unable to eat, diarrhea.

Comma fun


No punctuation)Let's eat Grandpa
Punctuation)Let's eat, Grandpa
correct punctuation saves lives

No punctuation)I.Like.The.Way.The.Little.Voice.In.Your.Head.Takes.Pauses.When.
Punctuation)I like the way the little voice in your head takes pauses when 
you read this.

No punctuation)While Dad was eating the dog the cat and the horse tried to steal his meal.
Punctuation)While Dad was eating, the dog, the cat and the horse tried to steal his meal.

No punctuation)I saw a board on the road which read
Go slow, men at work
Punctuation)Go slow men at work

No punctuation)Let's eat, mom
Punctuation)Let's, eat mom

Biggest comma fails

Without punctuation
1. The average American consumes more than 400 Africans
With punctuation
The average American consumes more than, 400 Africans.

Without punctuation

With punctuation
Violators will be towed, and fined $50

Without punctuation

With punctuation
Hunters please use caution when hunting,pedestrians using walk trails.

Comma fun

Let's eat grandpa 
Let's eat grandpa

Chicken's keep dogs on lead
chicken's, keep dogs on lead

while Dad was eating the dog the cat and the horse tried to steal his meal
while Dad was eating, the dog the cat and the horse tried to steal his meal

I like cooking dog's and kids
I like cooking,dogs and kids

we're going to learn to cut and paste kids
we're going to learn to cut and paste, kids

slow children at play
slow,children at play

I just love to bake children
I just love to bake,children

Comma fun!

Chickens keep dogs on lead 
Chickens , keep dogs on lead 

Were going to learn how to cut and paste kids!
were going to learn how to cut and paste , kids!

Attention toilet only for disable elderly pregnant children.
 Attention toilet only for disable, elderly, pregnant, children.

Caution pedestrians slippery when wet.
Caution pedestrians, slippery when wet.

Slow children at play
slow, children at play 

Lets eat grandpa 
Lets eat, grandpa 

The importance of commas

with punctuation
I like kicking, people, and friends
Not with punctuation 
I like kicking people and friends

Why comma's are used

1. Chicken's Keep dogs on lead.
Chicken's, keep dogs on lead.

2. Let's eat grandpa
Lets eat, grandpa

3. Were going to learn to cut and paste kids.
Were going to learn to cut and paste,kids.

Comma Fun 3


The importance of a comma

Commas are an important part of punctuation. If you don't think so, then read these sentences and then remove the commas and see how it sounds.

Let's eat, grandpa.
Let's eat grandpa.
Image result for commasor
Have you eaten, my child?
Have you eaten my child?
I like eating, my wife and my son.
I like eating my wife and my son.
and finally
I know that you'll kill, John.
I know that you'll kill John.

These are just four of the many examples of what can happen if you don't put a comma in the right place. Remember, use a comma!

Comma Fun :)

Without punctuation - Let's eat Grandpa.
With punctuation - Let's eat, Grandpa.

Without punctuation - Let's go hunt dad. 
With punctuation - Let's go hunt, dad.

Without punctuation - Go, slow men at work 
With punctuation - Go slow, men at work

The Importance Of Commas. - Ashleigh

Comma Fun 2

comma funny pedestrians
comma funny pregnant children

Comma Fun!!!

Today we talked about how important commas are.
Here are a few examples where commas are needed BADLY!

Toilet ONLY for disabled elderly pregnant children.

Toilet ONLY for the disabled, elderly, pregnant and children.

I want to harvest and plow Gina!

I want to harvest and plow, Gina!

"But you need to eat my friend"

"But you need to eat, my friend"

sentances that have different meanings without commas

Lets eat, kids
Lets eat kids

Chickens, keep dogs on lead
Chickens keep dogs on lead

Lets, eat grandpa
Lets eat grandpa

Caution pedestrians, slippery when wet 
Caution pedestrians slippery when wet

Lets, eat grandma
Lets eat grandma

Slow, children at play
Slow children at play

MY TRIP=Shriya

! My awesome trip to Cape Reinga !

Image result for welcome to cape reinga

On the school holidays my family and me went up north to Cape Reinga for two days, we had left at 5:00am on Monday for our trip my uncle and his family wanted to join us so did.
We had left and on our way to Silverdale because my uncle still hadn’t came so we texted him and we stopped at the gas station and while we were waiting we got some pies and hot chocolate and then after a while he came and we were again off to Cape Reinga .
On our way we did stop at some town and we also went to the Cape Reinga lighthouse and the Glowworm cave but I konoe that it is a long long way from Silverdale.
And after a long day my mum had booked three rooms so we stayed the night and in the morning we headed back for Manukau.


My Amazing Holiday

In my holiday I didn't really do much but play Xbox but the second week was more exiting the first because I went over to Luke's house.

This is how it all started we were both on Xbox talking to each other on line then Luke came up with the bright idea of me coming over to his house so I did we met halfway. When we met halfway I saw someone else in the distance it was Nathan who is one of Luke's best friends. On our way back to Luke's house we stopped of at Nathan's nan's house and got some soda stream but I wasn't thirsty so I was just chatting. We finally made back at Luke's house and we played Xbox for maybe ten minutes then we decided to go to the park. So we went on Instagram and asked people if they wanted to go to the park there was some people that said they were coming but didn't so we just hanged out at the park and did some parkour.

So that pretty much concludes that one day of my holiday it was really fun for me because I got to hang out with some friends and because we did some parkour so would like to hang with me for the holidays? 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

My holidays Carl.

My holidays

Image result for goalkeeper diving action shotIn my holidays I went to Tauranga to play a soccer tournament so my dad and I stayed at my cousins house for the night when everyone else in my team went to a hotel. That night we went to someone's birthday party and came back at 10:00 pm so I was super tired the next day. Which was the tournament and to start the first game we lost, the second game we lost, the third game we lost and finally our last game we lost. It was a really tough tournament because all the teams were a grade up from us. But we did try our hardest and was a long trip home.

Then the next week after that I went 10 pin bowling with Jacob, his sister, Emily and I. I won the first game and Jacob won the second one and we had to wait ages for my mum to pick us up and finally she arrived and went home. On the final Thursday I went to jump with Flynn and we were so tired after that. So he came to my place and we practiced netball and played volleyball as well. On the last day I went to see the minions movie with my mum and sister which was pretty funny and cool. On the final four days of the holidays I practiced netball shooting for the next week's tournament the following friday which year 8 boys won.  

Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Holiday

My Holiday started a bit earlier than the rest of my school  . My Holiday  started at 12.00 pm but the start of my holiday didn't start off as a holiday because I had to go to my first tutoring class it was really boring  when the tutoring had finished. We speed home and waited are uncle to arrive when he did arrive it was total  chaos. He was taking care of us  while our parents were out at a fancy party. We were up till midnight playing games and eating pizza and watching tv . The next day we went to watch the minion movie it was great and the next day we went to inside out with my uncle Francis It was also a great movie. I didn't do any more fun activities for the rest of the week . But on Saturday we had to pack  for our trip to Palmerston North we also had my cousin and aunt around we were going to leave the very next day we had to rest it was going to be a big day tomorrow.It was the big day and also a cold one we finished our packing and head out of the house and fluid up and headed off. We didn't leave until  10.00 am. The drive down was long about 6 hours and it’s really boring but we had a TV to watch we stopped in Taupo to have lunch and get groceries. We did not stop until waiouru. We stopped  to play in the snow. I fell through it it was hilarious when we finally made it to Palmerston North it was 7:00 pm we hardly had time to unpacked when we were given dinner and sent to bed .The rest of the week wasn't all that fun but it did get fun when we went ice skating with one of my mum’s friend and her children. It was so hard I fell on my butt a lot But it didn't take me long to find out how to do it when we had finished skating we went to McDonald's for dinner after dinner we went back my grandpa's place and watched a show named road madness It was hilarious . The next days wasn't all that interesting but on Thursday we travelled down to Taupo to spend a night with my dad  it was awesome he had curry and rice of dinner . The next day was Friday and it was one of the longest days of my holiday because in the morning we travelled to Rotorua to have lunch and go on the luge and gondola the luge was fun but I did hold up some people on my last go on . Then we travelled back down to Auckland it took about 5 hours it was a really boring trip but it was good to speak with my dad. When we got back it was 7:30 pm we had time to watch robin hood the prince of thieves the next two days we rested for the long week ahead of us.     

My school holiday

Image result for waitomo glowworm cavesMy school holiday was one of the best holidays ever. On the first week of the school holiday my mum, dad, and me went to the glowworm caves in Waitomo, which by the way was awesome. First Saturday of the holiday we went to Tongariro national park and played in the snow. When I was standing with a big clump of snow in hands, my dad thought it was a good idea to throw a snowball at me. But I got back at him  later with several snowball attacks from me while my mum  took photo of us and then later joined in the friendly, frozen, frenzy.

Second week of the holidays was awesome too. My mum, dad, uncle, and me went to watch Terminator genisys in the early week while we watched Ant-man during that second week. Saturday was a chill day where me and my mum spent time  at home doing our own things. My mum catched up on some of her movie in the Main lounge while I was in the next lounge watching Naruto shippuden and reading fan-fiction. Also on most days I helped out at the bakery with cupcake designs and other things like doing the gingerbread-men, grating carrots, closing the lids of the fruit-salad bowls, making fruit-custard tarts and other things.
Overall It was a great holiday and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Xbox Addict - Victoria's Holiday

First person military war thriller, exploring the exotic Himalayan country-like fictional world, creating unimaginable realistic celebrity faces and guessed hundreds of words people were attempting to draw, was what I got up to in the holidays.
Image result for gamer raging
Whether I was riding on top of an elephant or fighting off green-blob like objects, I was sitting around staring at any screen I could possibly find. My holidays was a mix and mash off listening to old 'throwback' songs and talking to my so called 'online' friends. When my sister could be bothered, we would eventually go out everyday for a run.. something I thought I wasn't capable of considering the couch looked irresistible.

Yes, the Victoria Stephenson did actually go out for runs, walks with Mummy and weeding the garden. I was actually doing cardio too! At 5:30 pm on most nights, if you were heading into Wattle downs, you would see us walking. If you were awake at 6:00 am, you would see the Stephenson Sisters running to the duck pond and so on.

So that's basically a sum up of what I actually did besides me staying awake till morning and sleeping most of the day, to me raging at games and dying unexpectedly. 
This nocturnal human being had one of the most boring holidays in all holidays accounted for.

Monday, 20 July 2015


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Image result for jumpMy holiday started off being quite boring. We did go to see the minions movie on the first Saturday but for another week or so, the holidays was just a drag. Every morning I would go downstairs and watch TV and sit there like a couch potato. That was one of the most exciting things that happened most of the days! Could you stay at home every day of the school holidays without going somewhere like extreme edge rock climbing or ice skating. Well that's almost what happened the entire holidays for me. But then, I got a text from Carl asking if I wanted to go to jump with him the next Thursday. I accepted immediately! I was so happy, something fun was finally going to happen! I got the text on a Wednesday so I didn't have to wait that long. The next day I got picked up at 2pm and headed off to jump. Once we got there I went straight to the dodge-ball. What can I say, I love the game. Then after a few games of dodge-ball I went to the free jump zone where I did a couple of mini stunts. I got a bit tired and decided to go to the basketball hoop where I did a couple of slam dunks. Jumping is very serious business and very tiring work, so me and Carl had a quick drink. Man was I thirsty, all that jumping was really hard work! But after a quick swig I was feeling all better and went straight back to the dodge-ball court. After kicking a few peoples butts at dodge ball I decided to go to the foam pit. I went onto the rope swing first and held on for quite a long time. Then I jumped on the trampoline into the foam pit and did a couple of forward flips. But unfortunately the fun ended and I had to leave with Carl and his mum.