Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why we should get a bell instead of having 1920's music

Why we should get a bell instead of music

Image result for school wall bellOff the top of your head how do you feel when you hear our school music? maybe; sad, happy, angry maybe, but I know that I find it boring and depressing, I mean I don't come to school to be bored and depressed out of my mind, but hey that's me what about you?

Your thinking in your mind what could we change it too then? It's easy people… A bell I mean it's easy and it doesn't drag on and on, if we got a standard bell it would only go on for about 10 - 15 seconds it's short and straight to the point.

Have you heard that classical music helps you work and all that hockespockess, it's not going to do anything if one you can't hear it and two you're only walking to class so there's no point in keeping it. If you get a bell you can hear it pretty well unless… (you know you have hearing disabilities).

A bell makes much more sense in the fact that lots of students get told off for not being in class at the right time and I mean it's kind of hard to get to class on time if you can't hear the; soft, boring, depressing music.

To be honest it sometimes feels like a 1920's school disco seriously Do you actually like listening to the music and it dragging on and on?

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