Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why we should change the school music

Why we should change the school music/bell!

We need to change the school music because do we really want a boring school bell no we want awesome music to give us courageous when we come to school.

My first argument is that the music is too soft, also who choose this music and also if only one
teacher chose it why couldn't the other teachers
vote on it also right and it’s not fair on others.     
My second argument is that if you ask other kids
even if you ask little kids around you this question
should we change the school music the answer
would be no.

My last argument is that everyday everyone has
to hear that boring music each day in class and it  
also gives us negative energy.
My conclusion is that we have to change the music so in the morning  you feel great and happy and also ready to go.   

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