Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why we should change our school music

Music is our life, it tells a story and is what we listen to everyday. Everyone what do you think of our schools music? Is it boring? Who on earth picked our current music?! Seriously did the person in charge of our school music think of us poor students and teachers, who have to listen to this dismal, depressing and utterly sorrowful excuse of a school bell. Well we want a change and a say in things.

Think of this, you’re walking around in the morning or at play time. You past some students and hear them say ‘have you heard the music?’ ‘yeah, what about the music?’ ‘do you like it?’ ‘nope’ ‘they should really change it’ ‘yeah’ . By now you’re thinking “is this what these students really think about the schools music ?”. Yes! this is what we students think of our school’s music. The music we are currently listening to is so sad, that it makes our students even slower to class. They just take their time going to class because they’re following the slow and sad rhythm of the music.

If we had a say in things everyone would be more happy and if one teacher or student doesn't like it then tough. Majority rules! If there are more people who don’t like it then there is no problem to that. Because we can make a system where everyone gets a say in things. So this is how it will work. In the morning just before school time maybe around 7 am to 8:30 am students and teachers can go into the office and write what appropriate song we would like for the school bell. Then we can take that piece of paper and put into a container. When the person in charge of the school bell comes and plays the music. They can randomly pull out a song from that container and play that song the whole day.

The best thing about this is that everyone gets a say in things even the staff can pick what they want to listen to when the music goes as well. Having this system will be like getting a surprise everyday! Think about it, no one will be sad or bored.

So what would you do if you were in our shoes? Would you keep this depressing music or would you change it and have a surprise instead? Well I think that we should change our current music and have this system. Instead of having the same old, boring song everyday.

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