Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why Reremoana should change the school bell/music

School music/bell

Bla,bla,bla that's the sound of our school music for after lunch and morning tea, do you think that we should change our music I definitely think that we really need to change it because this bell/music we have now is rediculous and it is extremely boring and when it goes off people can’t even hear so a room 3 person has to come out with a bell and ring the bell him/her to tell the students to go back to class.
I like the start of school when it’s nice and relaxing and then you get to go and play around with mates at morning tea/lunch but then you finished a awesome time with your mates with a very old and lame music to say that morning tea/lunch is over. Whenever the music goes it just makes me feel down every single time it comes on every single time.

And things like these would just make my day. If we had one different song every day it would be the coolest we could have music with some bass or even really loud so we can actually hear it for once because every time it goes off we can’t even hear it.

And the thing that I don’t understand is that why can’t teachers and students get to be a part in it why can’t us teachers and students get a vote we never get to vote for too many things. Actually us students except for the student leaders/student council and travel wise students never get to vote for anything and it is actually very boring. If none of us get a say in something important so I think that the bell should be changed and us be allowed to have a say in it.

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