Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why our school should change our music to a bell -

Why we should change the school music to a bell

 The music at our school can be the worst part of the day or it could be the sweet sound of freedom. The music for most people now is the worst part of the day, because students don’t want to listen to a five minute long slow piece of Opera music.

 First of all most students enjoy their time at school, although there are some that don’t. The music at our school is so slow and boring that instead of making students get to class faster and want to learn, it makes them want to fall asleep halfway or just take their time. It gives students a bad attitude towards their learning. Don’t students get a say in what we listen to everyday?

 Secondly when students arrive at school in the mornings, everyone is really excited to start the day. So when the music is played either no one can hear it or no one wants to hear it. This music makes majority of the students miss the old music. School is supposed to be the best part of the day, students are supposed to be full of excitement during those 6 hours of school. Out of those 6 hours we waste 15 minutes of that listening to Opera music and for the rest of the day students are just not ready to learn. Yes research says that music helps your learning but this in my opinion does not help anyone! 

 Finally school is not a place to listen to music it is a place where you learn and make friends. The music is supposed to be something that get’s you to class quickly. Although this music sucks and no one would want to listen to it some students may like it. I think that our school should get a bell it wakes students up and makes them quicken their pace and therefore they will get to class faster. 

In my opinion our school should change the music to a bell. Research shows that a bell is a lot better for students learning as it ‘gives them a wake up call’, so they will be awake and ready to learn.

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