Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why Music? :(

Why we should have a school bellImage result for bell

If you think getting back to class is annoying enough, you also have to listen to the most annoying music ever over the speakers , I mean seriously, It's so annoying after a hyped up lunchtime. Only if we had a bell...

Anyway, the music has sooooo many downsides to it. I mean seriously, why would you want to listen to music after a lunchtime that makes you feel sleepy and sad that it's over? Why would you even play music that no one knows and cares about? I’d rather listen to screams in the speaker than music that makes us feel mad and depressed. The other downsides are that people will get to class later because they will wait until they hear the end of the song and go back to class then. Plus, the music and the speakers cost money unlike bells, they are really cheap and they get the message across.

BUT, if we got a bell, it would change all of this. How you may ask? Well, for one, it gets the message across people that they are alarmed to get back to class. There would be no excuses for being late to class because the bell will only ring for about 15 seconds and kids can face the consequences they need. The bell would be rung by the year 8’s or the teachers and could be played over the speakers. Also, the music plays slowly so the children will take their time to get back to class but if we had a bell, it would make kids run when it's finished or while it's getting rung. If necessary, we could have different ringing places all around the school so everyone can hear because the music would only be heard faintly and not as much as a bell. The places would be at the playground near room 12, the soccer field, the courtyard and around near the relocatables.

In my opinion, I think the music is just pointless and a extra add-on we don't need. Bells are really original yes, but it gets the message across quicker and easier.

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