Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Why Kids should get paid for good grades

Why Kids should get paid for good grades

Students at middle school don’t really listen that much in class most of the time when the teachers are talking people in their classes but some people who are actually listening really hard. To what the teacher is teaching the things the students need to know and they are the people who need to get paid for their good grades.

When you first start primary/intermediate or even high school/college but when kids have to work really really hard on the work that they have been given in intermediate or even college. Students need to get something better than some lame old certificate or prize when they get a really good mark on the test or work they have been given.

Middle school students should get payed money from their good grades in middle school all of the homework the students do all of the time and all of the listening and learning nearly all of the students do. But just think to yourself if you were a middle school student at middle school and you did an amazing outstanding job in one of the tests you had to complete by the end of the week and it was the biggest test you would ever get. And then all you got from your amazing outstanding score/mark you got in your test was a lame old certificate or some lame award saying (Congratulations on your score you did well) or something like that but how would you feel about it. But on the other hand if you got some money for it then what would you be feeling about that and no i’m not just saying $20 i’m saying lot’s of dollars to help you in your life/career.

When the students get paid some money then I think that if people keep on paying them I think that most students will change their learning attitudes and behavior attitude and then maybe the might even change the choices and decisions they make. Most days at school and out of school. When the students finish middle school then if they get paid then I think that most students will have a head start in their life with the money they have been given from when they were in middle school.

So I think that all middle school’s should pay their students from their good grades and learning choices and decisions they have made.

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