Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Music should be changed to a bell

Swapping Out

The music should be changed to a bell because the music is depressing and makes you feel like running back home to bed. The music is also quiet and just plain boring. I think the music should be removed completely and replaced with a bell.

When I come to school in the morning I want to feel happy. But I usually feel tired and sometimes depressed and the  music just pushes me over the edge. The music is so boring and depressing and so lame it makes me want to pack my bag and go and sleep for a couple of hours. The music is so depressing I don’t even use it to get to class as I rely on the clock which works much better than the music we have.
Do you even hear the music let alone listen to it. The volume of the music is one of its biggest setbacks. The music volume is a major setback because no one can hear it.  90% of the time we don’t hear the music going so we keep playing and use other cues such as teachers rounding us up and others running off to class as a signal to go back to class. Many times they use the hand bell which is loud and it’s traditional. So why can’t we just stick to something that can be heard and something that works. Why do we have to make it so fancy and use classical music?    

Do you care about the music? Do you go back to class when it sounds or do you just keep playing? Well I just keep playing until the music is nearly finished. I do this because I just don’t care about the music. I would care about a bell because it doesn't give me a chance to over play and it makes me want to get to class quickly and sensibly and get ready for the next

lesson. I know I shouldn't say this but sometimes I deliberately ignore it because I can and my excuse is ‘I didn't hear the music.’  I bet I am not the only one who does it.

In conclusion I hope you agree with me that we should change the music to a bell because the music is depressing, quiet and know one cares about it. So run away from the  bad music and and run with the bell.

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