Tuesday, 9 June 2015

School Music

Why the school music should be changed.

The school music has been changed from Beethoven recently (which wasn’t actually that bad by the way) to Opera (Which is really really really LAME!). Why change the music to something that probably no student in the school likes? Also why did only one teacher make the choice of new music? The music is really really lame it's better off with the Beethoven or new music all together!

One reason why the music needs to be changed is you can’t hear it, how are you supposed to know when to go back to class if you don’t know if the music is going or not? I was walking back to class the other day and there was still  4 kids on the playground playing because they couldn’t hear the music. If the music changed to something more recent they would be able to make it louder so people could actually hear it.

The music choices are BORING, the school should consider putting on something that all the students know and that isn’t LAME;  No student is going to want to go back to class and wait for some boring music choice. Let’s be honest I don’t think many teachers like the choice of music either. Most students will be tired and grumpy by the last block and having some boring lame music isn’t going to help the mood.

I don’t think any student on earth likes opera or Beethoven (unless they are in a music school). The music should be changed to something all students enjoy and something that is loud so you can hear it and so people know when to go back to class. If you can’t hear the music very well; like now; people will muck around and end up being late to class, and end up getting in trouble when it's partially the music choices fault.

In conclusion, the music needs to be changed!
We need music that 1. isn’t boring, 2. not too soft, 3. loud so people can hear it and 4. make sure it's from this generation people!

So I will say it one more time the music needs to be changed!

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