Tuesday, 2 June 2015

school music

School music

Have you heard this new music in our school? Well if you have I know you think it is sad, opera violin music playing and if you haven’t wellyou wouldn’t want to!

What if your having a bad day today listening to this music will make you cry and if you are having a good day it will still make you cry. I think we should have a bell in our school because it is quick around about 15 seconds long and it is loud, Unlike the one now it is about 5 minutes long and soft. I’m sure It takes most students 5 - 10 minutes long to get back to class because we can’t hear it.

I want to know who Chose this music? Why didn’t students get a say? why did we even change the music? I think that we shouldn’t of changed the music in the first place. I believe that students should get a say. I was walking past a some year 3 girls that were talking about how horrible the music is.

So please change this music sorry but no one likes apart from a couple of teachers but there is around 380 students in the school and most kids hate it, so please change the music!

by Grace

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