Tuesday, 2 June 2015

School Music

School Music/Bell

Lame, Lame LAME. It’s exactly what our school music is at the moment. I like to start the day off fresh and have something nice to listen to, don’t you ? But unlike nice, the music is more depressing than anything. The boring music automatically puts me in a grumpy mood, but what if we changed the music at Reremoana School, for people to enjoy their day, as well as having a song choice or even putting more thought into the way people know it’s time to go to class.

Boring. Thats what it is. The SAME long winded music playing 3 times a day, day after day. It puts people in a bad mood knowing that they have to go to class let alone the horrible music. Having a change of music is a good idea though, instead of the same music day after day, there are other things we could do to make our mornings, breaks, and afternoons a lot more happier.

Why don’t students get a say in the music, we have to listen to it everyday. Like even having a voted song or every day a different song choice from the new top hits. Therefore it’s a surprise and gets people a lot more happy and cheerful and keeps them like that throughout the day. Imagine this, coming into school day after day and trying to guess what new song is going to play, it ends up being one of your favourites, it also makes you happy and in a way better mood. But, if it was just the usual LAME music that we have at the moment it would turn most of us into grumpy children.

This idea could be used to make all the school students happy, what would you do if you were in our situation… Have the same lame music or have something YOU want ?

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