Tuesday, 2 June 2015

School music or bell

        School music / bell

School music, “really” nah no one likes school music it’s boring and depressing.When you get to school you want to stay awake depressing music makes you want to sleep you’re already half asleep when you arrive and to make it even worse they put a boring tiring song on.

The school needs a bell because you can actually hear it the music is quiet you can’t actually hear it over the screaming and shouting of people having fun at lunch time and morning tea we want to hear something that will wake us up and hit our ear drums.

Have you ever heard annoying music and didn't want to hurt the feelings of the person that chose or sang the song so you just listened to it and made it look like you enjoyed it, IT’S ANNOYING!!!!

These are the reasons why we should get a bell .

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