Tuesday, 9 June 2015

School Bell

School Bell
When you come to school you should feel happy but how can you when you have to sit and suffer the slow boring and depressing music that plays everyday.

The current music that plays is very long. It gives students a lot of time to get to class. Since the music is long, I’m pretty sure most people would take advantage of the endless music and take their time back to class. If we had a school bell instead of music everyone would get to class a lot quicker. The students would also learn more if they got to class on time. The school needs a bell!

The music is too quiet. The school should get a bell because they are loud. During lunchtime when the music goes, no one can hear it. The music is too soft. If we had a bell we would be able to hear it and get to class quicker.

In conclusion I think the school needs a bell instead of music. It’s slow and depressing and puts everyone in bad moods, it also quiet and no one can hear it. Our school needs a bell!

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