Tuesday, 2 June 2015

School Bell? YES!

Music is a love and a passion where people can let go and sing to their hearts content, but when you bring music into the school's premises it's chaos waiting to happen. School is meant to be exciting! Its where we will be spending eight years of our lifetime and we don’t want to attend an opera show if not any show! A bell is an astounding idea where children can quickly make their way back to class on time, won’t cover their ears because it’s horrendous and won’t spend their whole before-school time dancing and singing when they're meant to be in class learning.

Music is meant for dancing, singing and devotion to soft lyrics soothing to the ear, not stupid ‘granny’ music which every child in the school will agree with (Which is not just un-singable, but long and depressing). This old, granny tunes you call ‘music’ is a bad example of a school bell. All you need is two or three simple duration of rings that will send the children back to their class without having them covering their ears in disbelief.

Although I think that having the top, pop song playing over the intercom is a great idea, I'm pretty sure every teacher will want their student back in class and on time not dancing to Miley Cyrus inappropriately. The students are here to learn, not to attend dance classes on a daily basis.

Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo and Chris Brown all have catchy and cool lyrics that everyone knows and sings to outside of school, but in school?
NO! Why not? Because this isn't a party for a sweet sixteen, this is school! Writing, Reading, Maths, P.E, Art, Do you see random acts of singing in your daily routine? I know we occasionally have Music, but it's then we can sing to our hearts content not when there is a special end of year test coming up.

A bell like this one is what you can use, not old, stupid music that every kid in the school grounds hates or a new Miley Cyrus single that just came out waiting for people to dance inappropriately to.

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