Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Reremoana school should get a bell

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should have a bell  

Having music is the worst idea this school has came up with. It would be much more sensible to add a bell, it would make a big impact for our school! Every child would agree that the horrible music is surely a mistake and that a change is urgently needed.

Bringing a bell would be the most efficient way to make students more awake and ready to learn. A calming music that blends in with the chatter of children is not creating the ‘oh it’s school time’ thought in our heads. The quick, loud ring of a bell will get the sudden thought of school in our heads and we will instantly be on task and ready to learn. Days when children feel ready for the school day ahead them is great for the teacher, The music WON’T help that! It will put our 100% effort to a 10%. A bell would change that,  again keeping us in our good mood and not bringing us back to a zero again. Having a bell is definitely a slick, smart way to keep all children on task and ready to learn!

Certainly five minutes is a long time to be get back to class, Knowing we have that long amount of time always will make us late or slow. Having a bell would change that it will ring in the timing of seconds not minutes. Letting us know that NOW we have to stop and go back to class. The music isn't as good as a reminder as a bell would be. Imagine if the teachers had every student in class on time. I’m sure the bell would get a sudden rush of students through the door straight away, unlike the five whole minutes the music gives us. If you were smart, you would bring a bell to the school and create a great amount of more learning.  

At 9:55 when the music plays no one seems to hear it, why would you think so stupidly? Do you honestly expect more than 300 kids to hear the quiet music that drifts off into the the chatter of children? The worst part is all of the children gets blamed for it. Do teachers even think about them being in our shoes? Imagine playing outside with your friends and hearing nothing at all, when it’s time to go back to class and then a teacher comes and yells at us for not being in class when it’s not our fault at all.  That there is a valid example of how it hurts the most. Surely we can make this better and have the most efficient way like all of the best schools do!

Honestly who wouldn't want a bell? It gets children to class quicker, It makes children awake and ready to learn and it is clearly heard. This is an urgent problem with one stupid excuse! Everyone knows that a bell is the most efficient solution that will make everything better. So why not? GET A BELL!!!

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