Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Replace the music with a bell now!

Our school needs a bell.

The music is terrible because it makes people depressed when a bell will wake people up and ready to learn. Also the bell will make people come back to class straight away when playing a four minute song and it will take longer for people to get to class later in the day and that means less work time and that is what school is for.

When playing the music it makes people depressed and that means bad attitude to learning in the classroom and it will make people's mind set for doing something not very positive so there learning and that is what school is for to be a positive learner. 

Coming to school should be a happy thing but the music is just making them sad from the slow rhythm it is just making people feel bad and you come to school to be a positive learner so why make people sad from the music so change the music now.
Also the bell makes people get to class slower when they hear the music. Why play a four minute song when playing a 10 second bell that will keep people awake and ready to learn for the day. Also you come to school to be a positive learner so change the music into a bell now!  

With this music it will put people down and unhappy to learn and do things at school. So they may not bother and stay asleep all day instead of learning in the classroom doing something new in maths or reading so change the music into a bell now!

In conclusion I think the music is terrible and should be changed into a bell because it makes people sad and depressed also it changes people's mindset towards learning. Also it will get the year 8’s prepared for high school with the bell ringing so they will be used to it. So why do we not get our say on the music when we have to listen to it day? Or at least the other teachers because it was one teacher that chose it?   

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