Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New school bell

It annoys me how Reremoana school currently has a slow, quiet, depressing song. In my opinion there should be a school bell instead of that no-good music.

Firstly, Having a school bell is better than the current music because a bell is loud and fast which will make children act fast and get back to class. What I mean is that when we have this so called “ Awesome” music children don’t tend to get back to class fast enough but if we have a school bell, it would be better because a bell is loud and fast and children will act fast and get back to class on time.

Another reason is that students will get back to class on time. Usually Reremoana school students tend to wait till the music is finished to go back to class. Also saying this students will get more time to get work done, But when we have music going the students don’t get as much work done as they should.

My final reason is that no-one has to listen to the depressing music. This music just doesn’t get heard, I mean what person chooses a song that is so slow, dumb and so quiet nobody can hear it. I personally think this music is no good for our school.

In conclusion I think this music NEEDS a change instantly. So whoever chose to have music instead of a bell you should think twice on your decision.

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