Thursday, 11 June 2015

Its time to move on

Its time to move on
Why Why Why this music is too old. It's time to move on, this classical music may have been cool 6 years ago but right now it’s just too old. Ahhh a bell the thought of having a bell is just amazing. This new music is surely a mistake.

Five minute is a long time to get back to class but not when you hear it just before it ends. If we have a bell this mean we would hear it anywhere and when it starts we be back to class faster than we would if we still had the music. Its time to move on the music is not loud enough and it sounds depressing.

I thought school was supposed to be fun not dull and boring music hurts my ears and makes me feel sleepy that's not a good look for school sleepy students!  If we had a bell that would wake us up make us run back to class and make us feel happy. Its time to move on wake up no one like this new music.

“The music is going it's time to back to class” if we had a bell this would not be what the teachers would have to be saying also the other teachers would be able to save their breath and not have to blow their whistles it's time to move on. The Bell is in and the music is out.

Our school needs a change the music it is poor and depressing making students late for class its not loud enough also it's time to move on No more music time for a change.
by Kaitlyn

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