Tuesday, 2 June 2015



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Don't you find that when you play in the morning that you have lots of fun
then you hear the silent slow depressing music that does not make a great start to the day.

I think that we need a bell instead of music because the music is quiet and makes students late for class because from a distance you can not hear the music. And this will affect your learning and will reduce the time you have to get a drink and get ready for class.

My second reason is because the slow rhythm of the music does not trigger the students straight away to go to class, Instead they just take their there time because the music is slow and calm also very hard to hear from a distance. Because the volume of the music/rhythm does not spread far enough for example you can,t hear the music on the field, gerkur or junior playground block.

Also if you come to school tired just before 9. o'clock and you hear the music you might of just stayed asleep at home. Because really the music makes you feel like you should go to sleep or makes you feel like you are at a wedding getting married.

Really if we kept the music that we have currently we won't get any problems with students staying outside and playing. Then waiting for a teacher to come and say excuse me you were meant to be in class about five minutes ago.

Conclusion,In the end I think that Reremoana school needs a bell. Because music does not trigger students,the music/rhythm does not spread far enough and the music is so depressing that it makes you think maybe I should've just stayed at home and gone back to bed.


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