Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Changing the tunes

Changing tunes

Image result for musicWhen you get up in the morning and go to school you feel a bit unhappy. The music that we have does not help.  It is sad and glum and just makes you feel depressed. The music that we have is depressing, and at this school the teachers want us to have fun! But as no one likes the music when lunch ends, everyone gets depressed when it comes on.

With the music we have, everyone is just glum. Music is something that people get energy and happiness from. But with this music, everyone gets depressed. Imagine you had just had the best lunch of your life and then the worst music that you have ever heard comes on. It just makes you forget about the great lunch you had and helps you focus on the bad things that may happen sooner or later. The music we have puts you in a bad mood even when things are as good as they can get!

New entrance people may feel sad and unhappy when they first hear the music, and may even think that the school is a bit  cruel or something and that is why they have the stink music. Plus they might have had some great music at their school that kept them happy and once they hear our music, they just want to leave the school forever. When you hear the music we have your ears melt right off, so if someone from a different school that had better music came to our school and heard our music, their head would explode.
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The music we have ruins all the great lunch times we have. Try to imagine this in your head: You just finished playing a game of soccer with your best mates and then boom! You hear this opera singer that sounds like a girl, singing as loud as he can! Or picture this, you just came back from an inter school soccer tournament that you and your team had won when you hear this old opera music coming from the speakers, you can not have a more depressing moment in your life!

The music should be changed, or maybe there could be a different song every day chosen by a different teacher every day. It would be like listening to the radio, you wouldn't know what the next song tomorrow would bring!

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