Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Change the music!

School music / bell 

 I go to school and I find my friend and we have a good time and then this boom of this sad, depressing, weird and crazy music comes and rushes in my ears and I hate it. Currently Reremoana has this depressing music, song, whatever it is and everyone hates it. I strongly believe that Reremoana school should get a new song. 

Firstly, opera! Are you serious? That is really weird and just weird. It is like I am at a opera musical and if I wanted to go to a musical, I would go. When I hear the music I feel like I want to go to sleep because it is so s...l...o...w. Also feeling depressed is so sad and I hate it. When I came in, in the morning and I got my chrome book out and all I can hear is this depressing, sad, weird and crazy music. 

Secondly, Everyone says that school is fun but with that music it is NOT and I'm sure that everyone thinks that. School is now sad, depressing and weird just because of the music. See how we can change school to be fun again by putting some new fun pop music that us students like. The other day I was walking along and these two student were saying how much they hate the music and they said that they don't even won't to go to school any more. 

Thirdly, the teachers have everything and they get to choose the music, are you serious? I strongly believe that the students or even the student council should pick our new school music. I don’t know why the students shouldn't choose the music, HELLO we are the ones at school trying to enjoy it especially when it is my last year at school.  

So in conclusion I strongly believe that the students should have a say in what music we should have, if there is music that we like I think that we, us students, should have a better day with the music we like.

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