Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Why Kids should get paid for good grades

Why Kids should get paid for good grades

Students at middle school don’t really listen that much in class most of the time when the teachers are talking people in their classes but some people who are actually listening really hard. To what the teacher is teaching the things the students need to know and they are the people who need to get paid for their good grades.

When you first start primary/intermediate or even high school/college but when kids have to work really really hard on the work that they have been given in intermediate or even college. Students need to get something better than some lame old certificate or prize when they get a really good mark on the test or work they have been given.

Middle school students should get payed money from their good grades in middle school all of the homework the students do all of the time and all of the listening and learning nearly all of the students do. But just think to yourself if you were a middle school student at middle school and you did an amazing outstanding job in one of the tests you had to complete by the end of the week and it was the biggest test you would ever get. And then all you got from your amazing outstanding score/mark you got in your test was a lame old certificate or some lame award saying (Congratulations on your score you did well) or something like that but how would you feel about it. But on the other hand if you got some money for it then what would you be feeling about that and no i’m not just saying $20 i’m saying lot’s of dollars to help you in your life/career.

When the students get paid some money then I think that if people keep on paying them I think that most students will change their learning attitudes and behavior attitude and then maybe the might even change the choices and decisions they make. Most days at school and out of school. When the students finish middle school then if they get paid then I think that most students will have a head start in their life with the money they have been given from when they were in middle school.

So I think that all middle school’s should pay their students from their good grades and learning choices and decisions they have made.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Keep this up room 4 this is a really big number

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Birthday Surprise!

Crazy Bunch of kids managed to surprise me at morning tea for my Birthday. Thanks to everyone who managed to pull this off. 

Lots of good food!!!!!

Its time to move on

Its time to move on
Why Why Why this music is too old. It's time to move on, this classical music may have been cool 6 years ago but right now it’s just too old. Ahhh a bell the thought of having a bell is just amazing. This new music is surely a mistake.

Five minute is a long time to get back to class but not when you hear it just before it ends. If we have a bell this mean we would hear it anywhere and when it starts we be back to class faster than we would if we still had the music. Its time to move on the music is not loud enough and it sounds depressing.

I thought school was supposed to be fun not dull and boring music hurts my ears and makes me feel sleepy that's not a good look for school sleepy students!  If we had a bell that would wake us up make us run back to class and make us feel happy. Its time to move on wake up no one like this new music.

“The music is going it's time to back to class” if we had a bell this would not be what the teachers would have to be saying also the other teachers would be able to save their breath and not have to blow their whistles it's time to move on. The Bell is in and the music is out.

Our school needs a change the music it is poor and depressing making students late for class its not loud enough also it's time to move on No more music time for a change.
by Kaitlyn

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Music should be changed to a bell

Swapping Out

The music should be changed to a bell because the music is depressing and makes you feel like running back home to bed. The music is also quiet and just plain boring. I think the music should be removed completely and replaced with a bell.

When I come to school in the morning I want to feel happy. But I usually feel tired and sometimes depressed and the  music just pushes me over the edge. The music is so boring and depressing and so lame it makes me want to pack my bag and go and sleep for a couple of hours. The music is so depressing I don’t even use it to get to class as I rely on the clock which works much better than the music we have.
Do you even hear the music let alone listen to it. The volume of the music is one of its biggest setbacks. The music volume is a major setback because no one can hear it.  90% of the time we don’t hear the music going so we keep playing and use other cues such as teachers rounding us up and others running off to class as a signal to go back to class. Many times they use the hand bell which is loud and it’s traditional. So why can’t we just stick to something that can be heard and something that works. Why do we have to make it so fancy and use classical music?    

Do you care about the music? Do you go back to class when it sounds or do you just keep playing? Well I just keep playing until the music is nearly finished. I do this because I just don’t care about the music. I would care about a bell because it doesn't give me a chance to over play and it makes me want to get to class quickly and sensibly and get ready for the next

lesson. I know I shouldn't say this but sometimes I deliberately ignore it because I can and my excuse is ‘I didn't hear the music.’  I bet I am not the only one who does it.

In conclusion I hope you agree with me that we should change the music to a bell because the music is depressing, quiet and know one cares about it. So run away from the  bad music and and run with the bell.

School Music

Why the school music should be changed.

The school music has been changed from Beethoven recently (which wasn’t actually that bad by the way) to Opera (Which is really really really LAME!). Why change the music to something that probably no student in the school likes? Also why did only one teacher make the choice of new music? The music is really really lame it's better off with the Beethoven or new music all together!

One reason why the music needs to be changed is you can’t hear it, how are you supposed to know when to go back to class if you don’t know if the music is going or not? I was walking back to class the other day and there was still  4 kids on the playground playing because they couldn’t hear the music. If the music changed to something more recent they would be able to make it louder so people could actually hear it.

The music choices are BORING, the school should consider putting on something that all the students know and that isn’t LAME;  No student is going to want to go back to class and wait for some boring music choice. Let’s be honest I don’t think many teachers like the choice of music either. Most students will be tired and grumpy by the last block and having some boring lame music isn’t going to help the mood.

I don’t think any student on earth likes opera or Beethoven (unless they are in a music school). The music should be changed to something all students enjoy and something that is loud so you can hear it and so people know when to go back to class. If you can’t hear the music very well; like now; people will muck around and end up being late to class, and end up getting in trouble when it's partially the music choices fault.

In conclusion, the music needs to be changed!
We need music that 1. isn’t boring, 2. not too soft, 3. loud so people can hear it and 4. make sure it's from this generation people!

So I will say it one more time the music needs to be changed!
(Why Mr Munro should come to school on jrock day)

Don’t you find it boring when you stay at school when there is a big event going on outside of your school and you're not involved with it.

The first reason that I am giving you for why the students that aren't going to jrock should have a fun day, Is that we should order out the ipads and get some sports gear to use for the day.

The reason why I think that we should order the i pads is that we could make and edit some videos to post to the blog to increase our overall page views. And develop new editing and creative skills using apps that we haven’t used before.

I think that we should also get some sports gear along side with the i pads. So we can go outside rather than hanging around in class all day.We can play sports activities with the gear and also shot some scenes using the I pads.

The reason why Mr Munro should come to school when j rock is on, is that we will all be in his class rather than having a Realever. And having a normal day because we would just do work and have no fun.

The second reason why I think Mr Munro should stay at school on j rock day is that we will have lots of fun. And also Mr Munro knows how to use the I pads properly and play sports properly unlike most relievers that only know how to do math reading and writing.

Also If we were to have a fun day when the people go to j rock we could play games with the sports gear like soccer ripper rugby and a couple of other games.

In the end I think that Mr Munro should come to school on j rock day because we would have fun by ordering the Ipads, to increase our overall blog page views and make videos to post to the blog also get some sports gear to play some games like Soccer Ripper Rugby and other games.      


Why the New Zealand flag shouldn't be changed

There has been a lot of talk over the past year or so there has been talk about John Key getting a new flag made for New Zealand. In my opinion the flag is perfectly fine and the ridiculous amount of money that the National Party has could be going  towards much better things like child poverty, the rebuilding of Christchurch and the cancer fund etc, the country is getting really annoyed with   the talk of changing the flag. John Key should listen to everyone’s opinion and not just jump to conclusions.

One reason being people have been arguing that the flag is too similar to the Australian one and that it is no longer needed for the Union Jack to be on our national flag. These arguments have been made by some National Party MPs since 2004. On the other side of the debate. In 2015/16 New Zealanders will have two opportunities to vote on the issue but you have to be 18, so the legal age to vote.

My main reason being that the Returned Services Association (RSA) has always not wanted any change to the flag, arguing that generations of New Zealanders have fought and died under it and that it means something to our country, our soldiers took it to Gallipoli with them and fought for our country with it. Our soldiers march with our flag every year on the 25th of April for ANZAC day. The New Zealand flag even though The New Zealand flag hasn't always been our official flag, it was adopted in 1902. It used to be the Union Jack.

Another reason is that it is a major waste of money. They have over $40,000 dollars and they want to waste it on a flag thats not even broken. Whats the point in that? The money could be going to much more important things like; child poverty, the cancer fund, and more good useful charities.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.14.37 pm.pngSo in conclusion, The New Zealand Flag doesn’t have to be changed. Its not broken why fix it it? The Union Jack shows that the queen is part of New Zealand history, and it means something to the RSA. So John Key, stop what you’re doing and put all your money into something worthwhile!

By Meggan Boswell

School Bell

School Bell
When you come to school you should feel happy but how can you when you have to sit and suffer the slow boring and depressing music that plays everyday.

The current music that plays is very long. It gives students a lot of time to get to class. Since the music is long, I’m pretty sure most people would take advantage of the endless music and take their time back to class. If we had a school bell instead of music everyone would get to class a lot quicker. The students would also learn more if they got to class on time. The school needs a bell!

The music is too quiet. The school should get a bell because they are loud. During lunchtime when the music goes, no one can hear it. The music is too soft. If we had a bell we would be able to hear it and get to class quicker.

In conclusion I think the school needs a bell instead of music. It’s slow and depressing and puts everyone in bad moods, it also quiet and no one can hear it. Our school needs a bell!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Internet Dance - Victoria

Hey Room 4!

Since our blog has been a bit empty throughout the whole half year, I thought I could spark it up a bit. 
Me and my sister Emily, will be performing dances for you off the internet from famous dance videos.

This week is Salute - Little Mix and we hope you enjoy!

Please note that we are not professional dancers and the dance choreography goes to Mandy Jiroux.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Blog Views!

 Our class is coming up to the big 10,000 views! 
We have under double of what Room 3 has, keep it up guys!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Life Stuff

Replace the music with a bell now!

Our school needs a bell.

The music is terrible because it makes people depressed when a bell will wake people up and ready to learn. Also the bell will make people come back to class straight away when playing a four minute song and it will take longer for people to get to class later in the day and that means less work time and that is what school is for.

When playing the music it makes people depressed and that means bad attitude to learning in the classroom and it will make people's mind set for doing something not very positive so there learning and that is what school is for to be a positive learner. 

Coming to school should be a happy thing but the music is just making them sad from the slow rhythm it is just making people feel bad and you come to school to be a positive learner so why make people sad from the music so change the music now.
Also the bell makes people get to class slower when they hear the music. Why play a four minute song when playing a 10 second bell that will keep people awake and ready to learn for the day. Also you come to school to be a positive learner so change the music into a bell now!  

With this music it will put people down and unhappy to learn and do things at school. So they may not bother and stay asleep all day instead of learning in the classroom doing something new in maths or reading so change the music into a bell now!

In conclusion I think the music is terrible and should be changed into a bell because it makes people sad and depressed also it changes people's mindset towards learning. Also it will get the year 8’s prepared for high school with the bell ringing so they will be used to it. So why do we not get our say on the music when we have to listen to it day? Or at least the other teachers because it was one teacher that chose it?   

Reremoana school should get a bell

Image result for music clipartSchool Image result for bell clipart       
should have a bell  

Having music is the worst idea this school has came up with. It would be much more sensible to add a bell, it would make a big impact for our school! Every child would agree that the horrible music is surely a mistake and that a change is urgently needed.

Bringing a bell would be the most efficient way to make students more awake and ready to learn. A calming music that blends in with the chatter of children is not creating the ‘oh it’s school time’ thought in our heads. The quick, loud ring of a bell will get the sudden thought of school in our heads and we will instantly be on task and ready to learn. Days when children feel ready for the school day ahead them is great for the teacher, The music WON’T help that! It will put our 100% effort to a 10%. A bell would change that,  again keeping us in our good mood and not bringing us back to a zero again. Having a bell is definitely a slick, smart way to keep all children on task and ready to learn!

Certainly five minutes is a long time to be get back to class, Knowing we have that long amount of time always will make us late or slow. Having a bell would change that it will ring in the timing of seconds not minutes. Letting us know that NOW we have to stop and go back to class. The music isn't as good as a reminder as a bell would be. Imagine if the teachers had every student in class on time. I’m sure the bell would get a sudden rush of students through the door straight away, unlike the five whole minutes the music gives us. If you were smart, you would bring a bell to the school and create a great amount of more learning.  

At 9:55 when the music plays no one seems to hear it, why would you think so stupidly? Do you honestly expect more than 300 kids to hear the quiet music that drifts off into the the chatter of children? The worst part is all of the children gets blamed for it. Do teachers even think about them being in our shoes? Imagine playing outside with your friends and hearing nothing at all, when it’s time to go back to class and then a teacher comes and yells at us for not being in class when it’s not our fault at all.  That there is a valid example of how it hurts the most. Surely we can make this better and have the most efficient way like all of the best schools do!

Honestly who wouldn't want a bell? It gets children to class quicker, It makes children awake and ready to learn and it is clearly heard. This is an urgent problem with one stupid excuse! Everyone knows that a bell is the most efficient solution that will make everything better. So why not? GET A BELL!!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why we should change our school music

Music is our life, it tells a story and is what we listen to everyday. Everyone what do you think of our schools music? Is it boring? Who on earth picked our current music?! Seriously did the person in charge of our school music think of us poor students and teachers, who have to listen to this dismal, depressing and utterly sorrowful excuse of a school bell. Well we want a change and a say in things.

Think of this, you’re walking around in the morning or at play time. You past some students and hear them say ‘have you heard the music?’ ‘yeah, what about the music?’ ‘do you like it?’ ‘nope’ ‘they should really change it’ ‘yeah’ . By now you’re thinking “is this what these students really think about the schools music ?”. Yes! this is what we students think of our school’s music. The music we are currently listening to is so sad, that it makes our students even slower to class. They just take their time going to class because they’re following the slow and sad rhythm of the music.

If we had a say in things everyone would be more happy and if one teacher or student doesn't like it then tough. Majority rules! If there are more people who don’t like it then there is no problem to that. Because we can make a system where everyone gets a say in things. So this is how it will work. In the morning just before school time maybe around 7 am to 8:30 am students and teachers can go into the office and write what appropriate song we would like for the school bell. Then we can take that piece of paper and put into a container. When the person in charge of the school bell comes and plays the music. They can randomly pull out a song from that container and play that song the whole day.

The best thing about this is that everyone gets a say in things even the staff can pick what they want to listen to when the music goes as well. Having this system will be like getting a surprise everyday! Think about it, no one will be sad or bored.

So what would you do if you were in our shoes? Would you keep this depressing music or would you change it and have a surprise instead? Well I think that we should change our current music and have this system. Instead of having the same old, boring song everyday.


Why Reremoana should change the school bell/music

School music/bell

Bla,bla,bla that's the sound of our school music for after lunch and morning tea, do you think that we should change our music I definitely think that we really need to change it because this bell/music we have now is rediculous and it is extremely boring and when it goes off people can’t even hear so a room 3 person has to come out with a bell and ring the bell him/her to tell the students to go back to class.
I like the start of school when it’s nice and relaxing and then you get to go and play around with mates at morning tea/lunch but then you finished a awesome time with your mates with a very old and lame music to say that morning tea/lunch is over. Whenever the music goes it just makes me feel down every single time it comes on every single time.

And things like these would just make my day. If we had one different song every day it would be the coolest we could have music with some bass or even really loud so we can actually hear it for once because every time it goes off we can’t even hear it.

And the thing that I don’t understand is that why can’t teachers and students get to be a part in it why can’t us teachers and students get a vote we never get to vote for too many things. Actually us students except for the student leaders/student council and travel wise students never get to vote for anything and it is actually very boring. If none of us get a say in something important so I think that the bell should be changed and us be allowed to have a say in it.

Should we change the school music ?

Boring our music is, boring, boring, we need new, exciting, fresh music for school. When you get up in the morning, you want to be wide awake, but when you come to school you get a sad and the music is depressing, very depressing. The music should be happy, new and exciting.

 The music is bad, just bad. Why can’t we change the music ?, the music needs to be change urgently, the song is a old opera song is super bad, when little kids come to school they don’t like the music at school.

 Why this genre of music, why can’t we change the music to a nice genre that everybody likes or we could have different genres of music and different songs every week or every couple of days

 So in Conclusion, i think that the school music should be changed to a better genre of music and a genre that everybody likes.

Why our school should change our music to a bell -

Why we should change the school music to a bell

 The music at our school can be the worst part of the day or it could be the sweet sound of freedom. The music for most people now is the worst part of the day, because students don’t want to listen to a five minute long slow piece of Opera music.

 First of all most students enjoy their time at school, although there are some that don’t. The music at our school is so slow and boring that instead of making students get to class faster and want to learn, it makes them want to fall asleep halfway or just take their time. It gives students a bad attitude towards their learning. Don’t students get a say in what we listen to everyday?

 Secondly when students arrive at school in the mornings, everyone is really excited to start the day. So when the music is played either no one can hear it or no one wants to hear it. This music makes majority of the students miss the old music. School is supposed to be the best part of the day, students are supposed to be full of excitement during those 6 hours of school. Out of those 6 hours we waste 15 minutes of that listening to Opera music and for the rest of the day students are just not ready to learn. Yes research says that music helps your learning but this in my opinion does not help anyone! 

 Finally school is not a place to listen to music it is a place where you learn and make friends. The music is supposed to be something that get’s you to class quickly. Although this music sucks and no one would want to listen to it some students may like it. I think that our school should get a bell it wakes students up and makes them quicken their pace and therefore they will get to class faster. 

In my opinion our school should change the music to a bell. Research shows that a bell is a lot better for students learning as it ‘gives them a wake up call’, so they will be awake and ready to learn.

R.W.C 2015



Image result for bellImage result for bellImage result for bell

Don't you find that when you play in the morning that you have lots of fun
then you hear the silent slow depressing music that does not make a great start to the day.

I think that we need a bell instead of music because the music is quiet and makes students late for class because from a distance you can not hear the music. And this will affect your learning and will reduce the time you have to get a drink and get ready for class.

My second reason is because the slow rhythm of the music does not trigger the students straight away to go to class, Instead they just take their there time because the music is slow and calm also very hard to hear from a distance. Because the volume of the music/rhythm does not spread far enough for example you can,t hear the music on the field, gerkur or junior playground block.

Also if you come to school tired just before 9. o'clock and you hear the music you might of just stayed asleep at home. Because really the music makes you feel like you should go to sleep or makes you feel like you are at a wedding getting married.

Really if we kept the music that we have currently we won't get any problems with students staying outside and playing. Then waiting for a teacher to come and say excuse me you were meant to be in class about five minutes ago.

Conclusion,In the end I think that Reremoana school needs a bell. Because music does not trigger students,the music/rhythm does not spread far enough and the music is so depressing that it makes you think maybe I should've just stayed at home and gone back to bed.


School Bell? YES!

Music is a love and a passion where people can let go and sing to their hearts content, but when you bring music into the school's premises it's chaos waiting to happen. School is meant to be exciting! Its where we will be spending eight years of our lifetime and we don’t want to attend an opera show if not any show! A bell is an astounding idea where children can quickly make their way back to class on time, won’t cover their ears because it’s horrendous and won’t spend their whole before-school time dancing and singing when they're meant to be in class learning.

Music is meant for dancing, singing and devotion to soft lyrics soothing to the ear, not stupid ‘granny’ music which every child in the school will agree with (Which is not just un-singable, but long and depressing). This old, granny tunes you call ‘music’ is a bad example of a school bell. All you need is two or three simple duration of rings that will send the children back to their class without having them covering their ears in disbelief.

Although I think that having the top, pop song playing over the intercom is a great idea, I'm pretty sure every teacher will want their student back in class and on time not dancing to Miley Cyrus inappropriately. The students are here to learn, not to attend dance classes on a daily basis.

Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo and Chris Brown all have catchy and cool lyrics that everyone knows and sings to outside of school, but in school?
NO! Why not? Because this isn't a party for a sweet sixteen, this is school! Writing, Reading, Maths, P.E, Art, Do you see random acts of singing in your daily routine? I know we occasionally have Music, but it's then we can sing to our hearts content not when there is a special end of year test coming up.

A bell like this one is what you can use, not old, stupid music that every kid in the school grounds hates or a new Miley Cyrus single that just came out waiting for people to dance inappropriately to.

Changing the tunes

Changing tunes

Image result for musicWhen you get up in the morning and go to school you feel a bit unhappy. The music that we have does not help.  It is sad and glum and just makes you feel depressed. The music that we have is depressing, and at this school the teachers want us to have fun! But as no one likes the music when lunch ends, everyone gets depressed when it comes on.

With the music we have, everyone is just glum. Music is something that people get energy and happiness from. But with this music, everyone gets depressed. Imagine you had just had the best lunch of your life and then the worst music that you have ever heard comes on. It just makes you forget about the great lunch you had and helps you focus on the bad things that may happen sooner or later. The music we have puts you in a bad mood even when things are as good as they can get!

New entrance people may feel sad and unhappy when they first hear the music, and may even think that the school is a bit  cruel or something and that is why they have the stink music. Plus they might have had some great music at their school that kept them happy and once they hear our music, they just want to leave the school forever. When you hear the music we have your ears melt right off, so if someone from a different school that had better music came to our school and heard our music, their head would explode.
Image result for bad music pics
The music we have ruins all the great lunch times we have. Try to imagine this in your head: You just finished playing a game of soccer with your best mates and then boom! You hear this opera singer that sounds like a girl, singing as loud as he can! Or picture this, you just came back from an inter school soccer tournament that you and your team had won when you hear this old opera music coming from the speakers, you can not have a more depressing moment in your life!

The music should be changed, or maybe there could be a different song every day chosen by a different teacher every day. It would be like listening to the radio, you wouldn't know what the next song tomorrow would bring!

School music or bell

        School music / bell

School music, “really” nah no one likes school music it’s boring and depressing.When you get to school you want to stay awake depressing music makes you want to sleep you’re already half asleep when you arrive and to make it even worse they put a boring tiring song on.

The school needs a bell because you can actually hear it the music is quiet you can’t actually hear it over the screaming and shouting of people having fun at lunch time and morning tea we want to hear something that will wake us up and hit our ear drums.

Have you ever heard annoying music and didn't want to hurt the feelings of the person that chose or sang the song so you just listened to it and made it look like you enjoyed it, IT’S ANNOYING!!!!

These are the reasons why we should get a bell .

school music

School music

Have you heard this new music in our school? Well if you have I know you think it is sad, opera violin music playing and if you haven’t wellyou wouldn’t want to!

What if your having a bad day today listening to this music will make you cry and if you are having a good day it will still make you cry. I think we should have a bell in our school because it is quick around about 15 seconds long and it is loud, Unlike the one now it is about 5 minutes long and soft. I’m sure It takes most students 5 - 10 minutes long to get back to class because we can’t hear it.

I want to know who Chose this music? Why didn’t students get a say? why did we even change the music? I think that we shouldn’t of changed the music in the first place. I believe that students should get a say. I was walking past a some year 3 girls that were talking about how horrible the music is.

So please change this music sorry but no one likes apart from a couple of teachers but there is around 380 students in the school and most kids hate it, so please change the music!

by Grace

Change the music!

School music / bell 

 I go to school and I find my friend and we have a good time and then this boom of this sad, depressing, weird and crazy music comes and rushes in my ears and I hate it. Currently Reremoana has this depressing music, song, whatever it is and everyone hates it. I strongly believe that Reremoana school should get a new song. 

Firstly, opera! Are you serious? That is really weird and just weird. It is like I am at a opera musical and if I wanted to go to a musical, I would go. When I hear the music I feel like I want to go to sleep because it is so s...l...o...w. Also feeling depressed is so sad and I hate it. When I came in, in the morning and I got my chrome book out and all I can hear is this depressing, sad, weird and crazy music. 

Secondly, Everyone says that school is fun but with that music it is NOT and I'm sure that everyone thinks that. School is now sad, depressing and weird just because of the music. See how we can change school to be fun again by putting some new fun pop music that us students like. The other day I was walking along and these two student were saying how much they hate the music and they said that they don't even won't to go to school any more. 

Thirdly, the teachers have everything and they get to choose the music, are you serious? I strongly believe that the students or even the student council should pick our new school music. I don’t know why the students shouldn't choose the music, HELLO we are the ones at school trying to enjoy it especially when it is my last year at school.  

So in conclusion I strongly believe that the students should have a say in what music we should have, if there is music that we like I think that we, us students, should have a better day with the music we like.