Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Why we should keep pitbulls as pets

Yes, people should be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets. Just because the breed as a whole has a bad reputation of being aggressive doesn't mean they all are. They are all dogs and they are going to behave how you train them to behave.

Pit bulls are good cute dogs but some people say that pit bulls are very vicious and scary. But people don’t know why is it reacting like that. Actually they are very aggressive and scary is that some owners they don’t give love to their dogs and they have had a bad childhood that's why they are like that. If you give love to your dog and play with them everyday they will have a good reputation, also They will get used to people.

Pit bulls are loving. They are great guard dogs and they will be on your side for the rest of it’s life. They are very cute caring dogs that won’t make you sad it will always make you smile and full of laughter. One thing you should remember before you buy a pit bulls is that If they feel threatened or afraid of kid’s and other people they may act upon their brutal instincts and they should be under certain care. But other wise they are very good pets to have.

So as we can see, even if pit bulls are more dangerous in today's society, they are not dangerous. They are dangerous because they are purposely trained as a breed to be dangerous. If pit bulls were banned, another dog breed would be trained to be just as dangerous and no progress in safety would be made. We must as a society stop blaming the dog and start blaming the owner.

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