Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Why we should keep pit bulls as pets

Should people be allowed to keep pit bulls?
Introduction:Some people say that pit bulls are awesome house pets and others say that their not but really they are good house pets.But really most media people say that pit bulls should be ban but really they can be dangerous but if you look into its heart your find true love and honest.

Reason 1=We need pit bulls because  a home is not a home without a pit bull.
Reason 2=And because it depends on the owner not the dog.
Reason 3=Every pit bulls is different and if you love it with all your heart your understand.

Are pit bulls a safe family dog?

Yes because their good around children, kids, babies and newborn babies too, But also that the pit bull is the top guard dog in the world so I suggest that you get one.

Types of pitbulls that you might want to save from dog mills…
  • American pitbull terrier
  • American Staffordshire terrier
  • Chocolate
  • Black pitbull
  • red nose
  • blue nose
  • pit bull-lab pit bull mix
and I have told you all the best choice
If you're bored then you can go play with it, if it starts to play rough then show them who's boss.
If you annoy a pit bull it will give you a warning but if you go pass that warning you should just stop at the warning or otherwise it will attack you with bites and then later on it will attack you with love and sugar.

This is why you should get a pit bull and also it will love you throughout your life.

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