Thursday, 21 May 2015

Why we don't need a new flag.

No new flag

Should our flag be changed? No most New Zealanders disagree including me with the with the government saying we need a new flag so the government should listen to the country so no to the new flag.

I hate how the government don’t listen to the country and just want to have things their way without asking the country for approval. Also the flag of New Zealand has gone through a lot of changes in the past two centuries and does not need to change now.

The flag today has a meaning to New Zealand as a country and I’m not sure how the people in parliament can make a flag with meaning like the one today. Also most flag in the world has a meaning to the country. If we change our flag we would just have a flag without a meaning to the country.

The meaning of the New Zealand flag in the blue background is the ocean the white around the southern cross and Union Jack means the ocean is clearly surrounding the country The stars replicate that we are located in south pacific ocean. The Union Jack stand for we are part of the British colony. Also this flag was made by the time we helped the British and South Africa in war.

In conclusion the government needs to listen to the country and doesn't need to change the flag and keep it the same so come on government and listen to every kiwis opinion to things as well because this country is for all of us and isn't all about you.              

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  1. I honestly think that the flag should be changed, but it's nice hearing the other side of the argument...