Thursday, 21 May 2015

Teachers dress code

Teacher dress code
Is it fair for students to be the only one who has to wear uniforms?
I think not! How come teachers get to have fun and wear what they want when we students are the only ones wearing uniforms and guess what educators get to express themselves when student just look dull and boring.
When will the reign of equality come!?

Let me put down some reasons why teachers should have a uniform or a dress code. Think about how it easy it will be for the teachers. They don’t have to decide what to wear and plus they can keep their best clothes for the weekends. Here is a fact, Students in Kenya were given uniforms along with their teachers. The test scores increased and attendance went up by 7% just because of teachers wearing uniforms along with their students.

If teachers and students were wearing the same thing, then students will be more comfortable and open to the teachers. Making it easier for teachers to  communicate to students and solve arguments that involve the student. If you don’t agree with me then keep on reading. If teachers were to wear uniforms it would save money plus why buy something you don’t need. We students prepare our uniforms the night before and if we have four uniforms or less we do a simple process of wear one day, wash on the same day, hang it. Then we have another uniform for the next day.

Okay if you’re wondering what teachers are going to wear if they had a dress code. Then be quiet and listen this might get a little formal. Female teachers will be required to wear dark colored bottoms. Such as long skirts (skirts must be knee length or longer) and pants of any kind, also plain School colored tops or sweaters that can be in black or white. Male educators will be needed to wear dark colored bottoms of any kind as well as T-shirts or sweaters that are either school colors or in black or white.

Student and educators must wear clothes fitting for the event or season. On mufti days teachers are allowed to wear what they please and on house days they are required to wear their house colors. Teachers should keep in mind that these clothes should be comfortable and functional for when they are teaching or coaching.

With that said I hope you will agree with me and get the teachers wearing uniforms or to have a dress code. Equality is all we want. Let the educators feel what we students feel when we are wearing our uniform, pride and dedication is what some students feel when they are wearing uniforms when most don’t really care at all.

So teachers if you hear us then why don’t you reply, tell us what you think. Would you want to wear uniforms or have a dress code like student and share their pride or would you just wear whatever you want and stick out like a sore thumb.

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