Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Should People be allowed to keep Pit bulls

I know what you will say when I tell you about pit bulls but wait don't go just because they have a bad rep doesn't mean they're beasts and monsters that's just silly a dog is a dog and whats that saying don't judge a book by its cover its the same with a dog, I think?? But anyways don't judge a dog by its breed all dogs are animals and so are we. 

Imagine if i was walking down the street with you and I say LOOK THERE'S A PIT BULL your first thoughts would be to run, DON'T because you cant out run a pit bull when you run it makes a dog think you're playing with it and then they'll bite you so don't run just keep walking normally and don't be scared because a dog can sense fare and they'll think that they're the boss if they sense it.

Pit bulls are not actually bad dogs it depends on the owner they can actually be  good friends if they’re trained properly. Pit bulls that are trained for dog fighting and all that those are the pit bulls that attack because their owner trained them to.I think pit bulls are allowed to be keep'd because they're not bad dogs they'll only be bad if you train it wrong.

Only people who are experienced in dog training should be permitted to own one. They require adequate exercise training socialization and love. Only when a dog any dog is mistreated not trained not socialized and rarely exercised will they begin to show aggression and lash out. Pit bulls are generally overly friendly towards humans so don't expect any guard dog. It is common for a Pit bull to show aggression which is why consistent socialization with all animals and people at an early age.

I hope you think differently about pit bulls

Here's an example

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