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Don’t you wonder why New zealand hasn’t changed their flag? New Zealand is such a unique country but we still have a boring flag that has the Union Jack on it and does not represent our country for what it is.

I think that New zealand should change the current flag because it does not represent a lot about our amazing history in New zealand also we need a new flag because some special things have came up in the last few years and we could all represent that and remember it by putting some symbol or icon on the new, New zealand flag.

The second reason why you should agree on changing the current New zealand flag is that really the current flag in New zealand will confuse tourist between the Nz flag and the Australian flag because the New zealand flag is pretty much the same because it's only got two stars less and are a different color on the stars but when you're a tourist and don’t know either of the two countries you are going to find it hard to get places.

Also citizens of New zealand should be able to have there opinion on whether the government should change the flag even though companies and world atlases will have to be changed because a flag is a company, and when a company changes they have to change their packaging.

It is said that more citizens in Nz have voted for not to change the flag the votes were 43.3% even though it was more than votes for changing the current flag I still believe that people in Nz will change and vote next time to change the flag because of these reasons that I have told you,there have been vote’s on about three different new designs the votes were low the flags were the silver fern,hundertwasser koru flag and the united flag tribe.

I think that in the end that New zealand needs a new flag because it does not present any of our amazing history and looks boring so next time vote to change our flag to one of the new flags and use real history to show we are different from any places.

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