Thursday, 21 May 2015

              Pity on pit bulls      
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It amazes me how whenever there is a dog attack pit bulls are always blamed for it. People may think pit bulls are vicious, aggressive, beasts but they are actually kind ,loving ,gentle  creatures if you give them a  chance. The people you don’t give them a chance have made a ban  and said that people are not allowed to own pit bull ( legal). But this rules is stupid everyone should be allowed to own a pit bull if they want, if they not that their choice.

Pit bulls are not what people say they are, People may say they're vicious, aggressive dangerous, beasts, but I believe they are actually  kind, loving ,gentle creatures ,the only reason they will attack someone is if they're trained to kill or attack. A dog will do what it's trained to do  and the love you give it, If you care love and train your pit bull  it will love and protect you until the day you die. But if you trained it as a  fighter or killer and not care for it don’t be surprised if it attacks or kills you. So be kind to your dog and they will be kind to you

.When you think of a pit bull you think of a furious animal that will attack you instead of loving dog that will cuddle with you.. Adopt a Pit Bull and you will have a constant companion keeping you warm in bed, on the couch, on your lap in your favorite chair. (Did I mention that many Pit Bulls don’t realize they are too big to be lap dogs?) For this reason and because they are so trainable, Pit Bulls can be excellent therapy dogs. Even the most athletic Pit Bull will also have a sedentary side and crave being hugged and petted  

You may think pit bulls will kill a child or baby when they see them. But actually they won't because pit bulls are actually great with children. Pit bulls are loyal to Adults and children .They will always try to help out a child or a smaller creature. The pit bull may hurt the child but this will only happen when a child is playing too rough or injuring the pit bull itself. But the dog will not kill or injure the child or baby on purpose.

Does your dog listen to you? well the answer for most dogs is yes, People may think pit bulls don’t listen to there owners. But they are actually the most obedient and are always eager to please their owners. Pit bulls will do almost anything for their owners. The dog craves attention and our approval and are very social with humans. This devotion to people contributed heavily to the very bad reputation of pit bulls   because a bad person can use a pit bulls eagerness to their advantage and get the pit bulls to do very bad and illegal things like fighting, attacking civilizations, and sometimes robbing banks and jewellery stores.              

I think it is only sensible to let people keep pit bulls because they are kind gentle creatures that just need training and love. pit bulls love to cuddle . they are amazing with children. They are eager to please their family. So get a pit bull, and save a kind animals life.

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