Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pitbulls Should Be Kept as pets!!!

Why Are pitbull’s labelled as vicious and dangerous dogs? I own one of these dogs myself and it has been nothing but loveable and gentle with my family.

This might sound crazy but pitbull’s are great with children. You’re probably thinking “are you crazy” but it’s true. Pitbull’s are very loyal and thrive as a family, They generally look out for their owners meaning they are very good for protecting. One human being they look out for the most is a baby and is said that they are very affectionate with them.

Pitbulls are Hilarious. Just like people, Dogs are distinct individuals, But pitbulls carry the most humor and they like to make us laugh by clowning around. As pitbull’s get older they become more playful and less destructive. As a matter of fact pitbull’s have the brightest Personality of all dog breeds. These dogs are very happy if they have a good owner and get treated very well and not being beaten up.

Adopt a Pit Bull and you will have a constant companion keeping you warm in bed, on the couch, on your lap in your favorite chair. many Pit Bulls don’t realize they are too big to be lap dogs. They are so trainable, Pit Bulls can be excellent therapy dogs. But anyway Pitbull’s love people, They really like to cuddle you in bed and keep your bed very warm when you’re not home.

In conclusion I think that Pitbull’s are very loveable and if they ever turn on you and attack you, Thats the owners doing. If that ever happens I don’t think the pitbull should get put to sleep, I think the owner should go to prison for it.

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