Thursday, 21 May 2015

People should be allowed to keep Pit bulls?

Pit bulls are exactly the same as any other dog people should be allowed to keep Pit bulls as a pet because they don’t do any harm unless you annoy them.
Firstly people should be allowed to keep pit bulls because they are really cute and your best friend so you can play with them and they give you warning if they will bite but that’s your fault because you have annoyed it.

Secondly they are really cute ,cuddly, lovable and friendly not vicious like everyone thinks they are.   They are really good dogs and they are really loyal and a good companion if you are bored you can go and play with a pit bull. They are the best dog ever and they will always love you if you love them.

In conclusion this is why you should get a pit bull they are so cute and they can protect you for life.

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