Thursday, 21 May 2015


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On Thursday 21st of may students from reremoana  school were selected to represent our school for National young leaders day from year to 5 - 8 at vodafone event center.
There were many speakers on  the day like William pike a mountain climber who lost his leg in volcano eruption in 2007, Rukumuana was pulled out of school at 15 because her family didn’t have enough money to eat and pay bills, Riley & Steve a father and daughter duo that do snorkeling and will have their own T.V show called the young ocean exprolrers and my favorite speaker Darryl Sabin and more.

Darryl Sabin was a rugby player his dream ever since was to be an all black.
On ANZAC day 2009 Darryl was playing a rugby game but he got tackled and smacked his head on the ground he was bleeding out, he got rushed to hospital there he had to fight for his life! Darryl was told he was going to die in 2 days from brain damage ( he is not dead ) after 6 months in hospital he learnt how to talk, walk , eat and drink he described it like being a baby. Still you may not be able to understand some things he says he is very inspiring saying things like stuff happens if you have a fair doesn’t matter just overcome it.

I am very fortunate that I got to go to NYLD I learnt so much how to be great leader and hope to be one in the school sometime.

By Grace  

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