Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nepal's tradegy

Image result for NepalOn the 14th of May, we had a special lady called Mel come over to our school to tell us about Nepal and all the tragedy's that happened over there. She told us about both the earthquakes that happened in Nepal and how big they were. They were around 7.8 and 7.4. Quite big. She then told us all about how in mount Everest, the climbing season had been shut down because of the earthquake which triggered giant avalanches on the mountain. She told us that one of her friends witnessed one of the avalanches: Sir Edmund Hillary's son, Peter Hillary. She told us that he was also in Nepal when one of the massive earthquakes struck. One of the members of his team died from a heart attack that day. Mel said that she was going to do the mount Everest marathon which was a enormous marathon around mount Everest. She also said that a lot of people were getting out from Nepal. She said that it took $130 would be able to give one person from Nepal the basic survival things that they needed like clean water and food and shelter. So try and raise some money for Nepal, the fourth poorest country in the world.   

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