Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nepal's earthquake

On the 14th of may we got to met this special person, who help the people in Nepal who had no water or food to survive on. The reason why the people in Nepal have to get all this water and is because there was a Earthquake on the 25th of april. The person who came in to tell us all this information was from a company where they help all the people that are in a disaster. Then they come in and try and help them, and like this disaster they came in and they are trying there best to help these people. And you guys all know Peter Hillary well yea when the Earthquake hit he was just about to go up to mount Everest but then an avalanche started and Peter Hillary watched the avalanche come down, he had to come up with a solution really fast and they all quickly ran inside the building. But they were really lucky to come out of it alive and safe. When we went to the lady she told us a lot of the things that has happen in Nepal because of the Earthquake, and one of the things was that 1500 people have all ready died because of the Earthquake and more are going to die.  


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