Thursday, 21 May 2015

National young leaders day

National young leaders day

On Thursday the 21st of May I went to the national young leaders day with the people that had been elected to come. The massive event was held in the Vodafone events centre, you know the one in town that looks like an upside-down ship? But anyway, we were taken to the event by parents and were in the arena and seated by around 8:30am. But there was still an ho
ur to go until the event started! So I went and bought a pin and so did pretty much every one else. Then, at 9:30am, the first speaker got up on stage. His name was William Pike and he was great! Then came Rukumoana Schaafhausen. She told us some great stuff. Then there Riley and Steve Hathaway and a whole lot more speakers. But my favourite speaker was Phoenix Pule'anga. He was a great dancer and was telling us not to give up and to jump at all the opportunities that we get. And by the way have you heard of the movie 'can't stop dancing'? Well Phoenix told us all that he was in it! How cool is that! We also got to see Alex and Corban from the block NZ. It was such a great day and I took lots away from the experience. I took away things like that if you believe in yourself then anything is possible. Also to not worry about what other people say about you. So I hope that a lot of the people that are reading this get to experience the same experience as I did!

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