Thursday, 21 May 2015

National young leaders day 2015

National young leaders day 2015

On the 21st of may 2015, 28 students your hand picked to go to the National Young Leaders Day 2015 (or NYLD for short). This special event is where young leaders from years 6 - 13 come to be inspired to become a better leader and to have the time of your life. Ever year has a theme this years theme was your amazing journey which basically means making or deciding your future.

The very first speaker was William pike one of his exciting journeys ended in not such an exciting way, he was in the 2007 MT Tongariro eruption which cost him one of his legs, 2 years later he managed to get a prosthetic leg enabling him to walk again. In his words he had a passion and that passion made him think all passion no limits as long as you have a passion whether it is school or working if you love what your doing you never have to work a day in your life.

After Williams talk it was then Rukumoana she had had a really tough up bringing she was; bullied, he parents were split and she was pulled out of school at age 15, because her parents needed her to work to support her family. Now age 35 she has a family: 2 kids and a husband and now is the executive manager for Genesis energy and a multi million dollar industry.

Darryl Sabin was an ordinary 15 year old up until he had a concussion after that concussion he was told never to play again he new the risks so he played again he was tackled his head was thrown back and hit the ground his brain started to bleed and was rushed to hospital. After 3 weeks he awoke from a coma and had to relearn every thing from; eating, drinking, talking, laughing and smiling and most importantly walking. After hearing his story I thought about all the tough things in my life and thought wow all the things that are tough for me are nothing compered to Darryl.

At the end of the day Jamie McDell preformed two songs: life in Sun Shine and crash her latest song I learned one thing from her songs .... she is so LOUD live it was so loud but it was still pretty cool though I must admit. This day has helped me become a better leader and motivate me to take life by the hand.