Thursday, 21 May 2015

Girls should be aloud to play on the same team as boys. Image result for a sports team of children

When I go to sports games or watch them on t.v I’m always surprised to see barely any mixed team (teams with both girls and boys in it). Letting girls play in sports teams with boys can make the team stronger and better and sometimes even more talented. most boys disagree on letting girls in their teams but it is unfair for when they like to play that sport. Girls should always be let in boys sports teams.

Don’t you think that girls should be aloud to play in boys teams because they are just as tough as boys and if they want to play rugby or soccer thats their choice. It’s also a great way to show people what they can do and boost their confidence. Girls can play as rough and as strong as boys can. Even some boys don’t accept girls on their team that is not fair. When you add girls on boys teams it will bring a bigger variety of different personalities into to it. Girls with the same passion and talent in a sport as a boy has. We need to change this, girls are just same as boys when it comes to sport.

 Girls being on boys teams can benefit the team a lot  because it can help the team a lot adding both more strength and more sportsmanship, wouldn’t you want that for your team? Don’t you think that a team made up of the very best girls and the very best boys would be better than two separate teams made up of some good players and some alright players. Also if you have a team with both girls and boys in it then  you have more opportunities to put the better player in that position if one gets hurt. I can’t see someone not wanting the best possible team they can make, It only leads to a great future for your team who wouldn’t want that?   

Another reason why girls should be aloud to play on boys teams is because It is only right that girls and boys play together. Wouldn’t you just feel terrible if it was you sitting there on you bed unhappy almost to tears because,  they wouldn’t let you in the team for the stupidest reason because you were a girl I’m sure you wouldn’t like that to happen to you I don’t think anyone would like to get kicked out of a team because your a girl. You can’t just change the sport you're good at because your a girl and your not aloud on the team I’m sure no one would like this to happen to them so make sure it doesn't happen!

Girls should always be aloud to play on the same team as boys and no one should tell them not to. It can add extra sportsmanship,talent and side players (incase anyone gets hurt). Why would anyone want to loose that for there team? Be fair and let those girls play !!!

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