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Smashing the typical stereotypes of pitbulls

Smashing the typical stereotypes of Pit bulls.
“pit bulls” when people  hear that they see them as vicious, aggressive dogs. Yet they are incorrect, They  loveable , loyal and hilarious dogs . Pitbulls are like any other dogs, not a dog that kills random  people.

No animal deserves to be judged by their stereotype. Although pit bulls are known for being vicious animals that prey on and attack people, pitbulls are misunderstood and are only the reflection of their owners, in the same way you raise any animal,if they are raised in a loving environment and taught proper behaviours then their should be no need to fear them.  I know this from having a part pitbull dog and he is the loveliest dog I have been around, he is not vicious at all.  He loves to play and always wants to be around people.

Some  pitbulls are taken and forced to fight other dogs that are mainly scared as well.  Pit bulls are wonderful animals that deserve a chance to have a good life like any other dog. Most people think that pit bulls were born to fight. They are wrong. Pit bull dogs are not ready to fight others but they were trained to fight by people who were interested in making money plus providing “entertainment” in the form of a dog  fight.WHICH IS A BRUTAl SPORTS and banned in most countries.Image result for pitbulls sleeping puppiesImage result for pitbulls puppies

Teachers dress code

Teacher dress code
Is it fair for students to be the only one who has to wear uniforms?
I think not! How come teachers get to have fun and wear what they want when we students are the only ones wearing uniforms and guess what educators get to express themselves when student just look dull and boring.
When will the reign of equality come!?

Let me put down some reasons why teachers should have a uniform or a dress code. Think about how it easy it will be for the teachers. They don’t have to decide what to wear and plus they can keep their best clothes for the weekends. Here is a fact, Students in Kenya were given uniforms along with their teachers. The test scores increased and attendance went up by 7% just because of teachers wearing uniforms along with their students.

If teachers and students were wearing the same thing, then students will be more comfortable and open to the teachers. Making it easier for teachers to  communicate to students and solve arguments that involve the student. If you don’t agree with me then keep on reading. If teachers were to wear uniforms it would save money plus why buy something you don’t need. We students prepare our uniforms the night before and if we have four uniforms or less we do a simple process of wear one day, wash on the same day, hang it. Then we have another uniform for the next day.

Okay if you’re wondering what teachers are going to wear if they had a dress code. Then be quiet and listen this might get a little formal. Female teachers will be required to wear dark colored bottoms. Such as long skirts (skirts must be knee length or longer) and pants of any kind, also plain School colored tops or sweaters that can be in black or white. Male educators will be needed to wear dark colored bottoms of any kind as well as T-shirts or sweaters that are either school colors or in black or white.

Student and educators must wear clothes fitting for the event or season. On mufti days teachers are allowed to wear what they please and on house days they are required to wear their house colors. Teachers should keep in mind that these clothes should be comfortable and functional for when they are teaching or coaching.

With that said I hope you will agree with me and get the teachers wearing uniforms or to have a dress code. Equality is all we want. Let the educators feel what we students feel when we are wearing our uniform, pride and dedication is what some students feel when they are wearing uniforms when most don’t really care at all.

So teachers if you hear us then why don’t you reply, tell us what you think. Would you want to wear uniforms or have a dress code like student and share their pride or would you just wear whatever you want and stick out like a sore thumb.

The New Zealand Flag

Should New Zealand Change the flag?

Should New Zealand get a new flag? The New Zealand flag, There’s nothing wrong with it and it’s not broken, so why does John Key want to spend a huge amount of money on something we don’t need.

You've heard on the news, John Key wants to change the New Zealand flag, and it’s going to cost around 26 million dollars. What would you do with 26 million dollars? With 26 million dollars you could spend it on repairing places like Christchurch where the earthquakes hit. How about Poverty, it’s a huge problem in New Zealand, why not spend it on people in need. 26 million dollars could also buy resources for schools and work places.

The New Zealand flag has a blue background with four stars representing southern cross and the union jack tells us that we are part of the British colony.
The New Zealand flag has changed a couple of times already. If we've already changed the flag more than once, why do we need to change it again! It looks perfectly fine.

Another reason why we shouldn't change the New Zealand flag is because it represents the people who fought and died for our country.Many people say that their families have fought for our country during war. People who are planning on voting for the New Zealand flag should think about the history. If we change the flag, people say others will fail to recognise our soldiers, who sacrificed their lives for us.

The New Zealand flag is something that represents our country and if we change the flag we will waste a ridiculous amount of money. We shouldn't change the flag!

              Pity on pit bulls      
Image result for abandoned pit bulls

It amazes me how whenever there is a dog attack pit bulls are always blamed for it. People may think pit bulls are vicious, aggressive, beasts but they are actually kind ,loving ,gentle  creatures if you give them a  chance. The people you don’t give them a chance have made a ban  and said that people are not allowed to own pit bull ( legal). But this rules is stupid everyone should be allowed to own a pit bull if they want, if they not that their choice.

Pit bulls are not what people say they are, People may say they're vicious, aggressive dangerous, beasts, but I believe they are actually  kind, loving ,gentle creatures ,the only reason they will attack someone is if they're trained to kill or attack. A dog will do what it's trained to do  and the love you give it, If you care love and train your pit bull  it will love and protect you until the day you die. But if you trained it as a  fighter or killer and not care for it don’t be surprised if it attacks or kills you. So be kind to your dog and they will be kind to you

.When you think of a pit bull you think of a furious animal that will attack you instead of loving dog that will cuddle with you.. Adopt a Pit Bull and you will have a constant companion keeping you warm in bed, on the couch, on your lap in your favorite chair. (Did I mention that many Pit Bulls don’t realize they are too big to be lap dogs?) For this reason and because they are so trainable, Pit Bulls can be excellent therapy dogs. Even the most athletic Pit Bull will also have a sedentary side and crave being hugged and petted  

You may think pit bulls will kill a child or baby when they see them. But actually they won't because pit bulls are actually great with children. Pit bulls are loyal to Adults and children .They will always try to help out a child or a smaller creature. The pit bull may hurt the child but this will only happen when a child is playing too rough or injuring the pit bull itself. But the dog will not kill or injure the child or baby on purpose.

Does your dog listen to you? well the answer for most dogs is yes, People may think pit bulls don’t listen to there owners. But they are actually the most obedient and are always eager to please their owners. Pit bulls will do almost anything for their owners. The dog craves attention and our approval and are very social with humans. This devotion to people contributed heavily to the very bad reputation of pit bulls   because a bad person can use a pit bulls eagerness to their advantage and get the pit bulls to do very bad and illegal things like fighting, attacking civilizations, and sometimes robbing banks and jewellery stores.              

I think it is only sensible to let people keep pit bulls because they are kind gentle creatures that just need training and love. pit bulls love to cuddle . they are amazing with children. They are eager to please their family. So get a pit bull, and save a kind animals life.

National young leaders day 2015

National young leaders day 2015

On the 21st of may 2015, 28 students your hand picked to go to the National Young Leaders Day 2015 (or NYLD for short). This special event is where young leaders from years 6 - 13 come to be inspired to become a better leader and to have the time of your life. Ever year has a theme this years theme was your amazing journey which basically means making or deciding your future.

The very first speaker was William pike one of his exciting journeys ended in not such an exciting way, he was in the 2007 MT Tongariro eruption which cost him one of his legs, 2 years later he managed to get a prosthetic leg enabling him to walk again. In his words he had a passion and that passion made him think all passion no limits as long as you have a passion whether it is school or working if you love what your doing you never have to work a day in your life.

After Williams talk it was then Rukumoana she had had a really tough up bringing she was; bullied, he parents were split and she was pulled out of school at age 15, because her parents needed her to work to support her family. Now age 35 she has a family: 2 kids and a husband and now is the executive manager for Genesis energy and a multi million dollar industry.

Darryl Sabin was an ordinary 15 year old up until he had a concussion after that concussion he was told never to play again he new the risks so he played again he was tackled his head was thrown back and hit the ground his brain started to bleed and was rushed to hospital. After 3 weeks he awoke from a coma and had to relearn every thing from; eating, drinking, talking, laughing and smiling and most importantly walking. After hearing his story I thought about all the tough things in my life and thought wow all the things that are tough for me are nothing compered to Darryl.

At the end of the day Jamie McDell preformed two songs: life in Sun Shine and crash her latest song I learned one thing from her songs .... she is so LOUD live it was so loud but it was still pretty cool though I must admit. This day has helped me become a better leader and motivate me to take life by the hand.  

National young leaders day

National young leaders day

On Thursday the 21st of May I went to the national young leaders day with the people that had been elected to come. The massive event was held in the Vodafone events centre, you know the one in town that looks like an upside-down ship? But anyway, we were taken to the event by parents and were in the arena and seated by around 8:30am. But there was still an ho
ur to go until the event started! So I went and bought a pin and so did pretty much every one else. Then, at 9:30am, the first speaker got up on stage. His name was William Pike and he was great! Then came Rukumoana Schaafhausen. She told us some great stuff. Then there Riley and Steve Hathaway and a whole lot more speakers. But my favourite speaker was Phoenix Pule'anga. He was a great dancer and was telling us not to give up and to jump at all the opportunities that we get. And by the way have you heard of the movie 'can't stop dancing'? Well Phoenix told us all that he was in it! How cool is that! We also got to see Alex and Corban from the block NZ. It was such a great day and I took lots away from the experience. I took away things like that if you believe in yourself then anything is possible. Also to not worry about what other people say about you. So I hope that a lot of the people that are reading this get to experience the same experience as I did!


NYLD Image result for NYLD 2015

On Thursday 21st of may students from reremoana  school were selected to represent our school for National young leaders day from year to 5 - 8 at vodafone event center.
There were many speakers on  the day like William pike a mountain climber who lost his leg in volcano eruption in 2007, Rukumuana was pulled out of school at 15 because her family didn’t have enough money to eat and pay bills, Riley & Steve a father and daughter duo that do snorkeling and will have their own T.V show called the young ocean exprolrers and my favorite speaker Darryl Sabin and more.

Darryl Sabin was a rugby player his dream ever since was to be an all black.
On ANZAC day 2009 Darryl was playing a rugby game but he got tackled and smacked his head on the ground he was bleeding out, he got rushed to hospital there he had to fight for his life! Darryl was told he was going to die in 2 days from brain damage ( he is not dead ) after 6 months in hospital he learnt how to talk, walk , eat and drink he described it like being a baby. Still you may not be able to understand some things he says he is very inspiring saying things like stuff happens if you have a fair doesn’t matter just overcome it.

I am very fortunate that I got to go to NYLD I learnt so much how to be great leader and hope to be one in the school sometime.

By Grace  

Why we don't need a new flag.

No new flag

Should our flag be changed? No most New Zealanders disagree including me with the with the government saying we need a new flag so the government should listen to the country so no to the new flag.

I hate how the government don’t listen to the country and just want to have things their way without asking the country for approval. Also the flag of New Zealand has gone through a lot of changes in the past two centuries and does not need to change now.

The flag today has a meaning to New Zealand as a country and I’m not sure how the people in parliament can make a flag with meaning like the one today. Also most flag in the world has a meaning to the country. If we change our flag we would just have a flag without a meaning to the country.

The meaning of the New Zealand flag in the blue background is the ocean the white around the southern cross and Union Jack means the ocean is clearly surrounding the country The stars replicate that we are located in south pacific ocean. The Union Jack stand for we are part of the British colony. Also this flag was made by the time we helped the British and South Africa in war.

In conclusion the government needs to listen to the country and doesn't need to change the flag and keep it the same so come on government and listen to every kiwis opinion to things as well because this country is for all of us and isn't all about you.              

Girls should be aloud to play on the same team as boys. Image result for a sports team of children

When I go to sports games or watch them on t.v I’m always surprised to see barely any mixed team (teams with both girls and boys in it). Letting girls play in sports teams with boys can make the team stronger and better and sometimes even more talented. most boys disagree on letting girls in their teams but it is unfair for when they like to play that sport. Girls should always be let in boys sports teams.

Don’t you think that girls should be aloud to play in boys teams because they are just as tough as boys and if they want to play rugby or soccer thats their choice. It’s also a great way to show people what they can do and boost their confidence. Girls can play as rough and as strong as boys can. Even some boys don’t accept girls on their team that is not fair. When you add girls on boys teams it will bring a bigger variety of different personalities into to it. Girls with the same passion and talent in a sport as a boy has. We need to change this, girls are just same as boys when it comes to sport.

 Girls being on boys teams can benefit the team a lot  because it can help the team a lot adding both more strength and more sportsmanship, wouldn’t you want that for your team? Don’t you think that a team made up of the very best girls and the very best boys would be better than two separate teams made up of some good players and some alright players. Also if you have a team with both girls and boys in it then  you have more opportunities to put the better player in that position if one gets hurt. I can’t see someone not wanting the best possible team they can make, It only leads to a great future for your team who wouldn’t want that?   

Another reason why girls should be aloud to play on boys teams is because It is only right that girls and boys play together. Wouldn’t you just feel terrible if it was you sitting there on you bed unhappy almost to tears because,  they wouldn’t let you in the team for the stupidest reason because you were a girl I’m sure you wouldn’t like that to happen to you I don’t think anyone would like to get kicked out of a team because your a girl. You can’t just change the sport you're good at because your a girl and your not aloud on the team I’m sure no one would like this to happen to them so make sure it doesn't happen!

Girls should always be aloud to play on the same team as boys and no one should tell them not to. It can add extra sportsmanship,talent and side players (incase anyone gets hurt). Why would anyone want to loose that for there team? Be fair and let those girls play !!!

People should be allowed to keep Pit bulls?

Pit bulls are exactly the same as any other dog people should be allowed to keep Pit bulls as a pet because they don’t do any harm unless you annoy them.
Firstly people should be allowed to keep pit bulls because they are really cute and your best friend so you can play with them and they give you warning if they will bite but that’s your fault because you have annoyed it.

Secondly they are really cute ,cuddly, lovable and friendly not vicious like everyone thinks they are.   They are really good dogs and they are really loyal and a good companion if you are bored you can go and play with a pit bull. They are the best dog ever and they will always love you if you love them.

In conclusion this is why you should get a pit bull they are so cute and they can protect you for life.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Why we should keep pit bulls as pets

Should people be allowed to keep pit bulls?
Introduction:Some people say that pit bulls are awesome house pets and others say that their not but really they are good house pets.But really most media people say that pit bulls should be ban but really they can be dangerous but if you look into its heart your find true love and honest.

Reason 1=We need pit bulls because  a home is not a home without a pit bull.
Reason 2=And because it depends on the owner not the dog.
Reason 3=Every pit bulls is different and if you love it with all your heart your understand.

Are pit bulls a safe family dog?

Yes because their good around children, kids, babies and newborn babies too, But also that the pit bull is the top guard dog in the world so I suggest that you get one.

Types of pitbulls that you might want to save from dog mills…
  • American pitbull terrier
  • American Staffordshire terrier
  • Chocolate
  • Black pitbull
  • red nose
  • blue nose
  • pit bull-lab pit bull mix
and I have told you all the best choice
If you're bored then you can go play with it, if it starts to play rough then show them who's boss.
If you annoy a pit bull it will give you a warning but if you go pass that warning you should just stop at the warning or otherwise it will attack you with bites and then later on it will attack you with love and sugar.

This is why you should get a pit bull and also it will love you throughout your life.



Image result for nz flag

Don’t you wonder why New zealand hasn’t changed their flag? New Zealand is such a unique country but we still have a boring flag that has the Union Jack on it and does not represent our country for what it is.

I think that New zealand should change the current flag because it does not represent a lot about our amazing history in New zealand also we need a new flag because some special things have came up in the last few years and we could all represent that and remember it by putting some symbol or icon on the new, New zealand flag.

The second reason why you should agree on changing the current New zealand flag is that really the current flag in New zealand will confuse tourist between the Nz flag and the Australian flag because the New zealand flag is pretty much the same because it's only got two stars less and are a different color on the stars but when you're a tourist and don’t know either of the two countries you are going to find it hard to get places.

Also citizens of New zealand should be able to have there opinion on whether the government should change the flag even though companies and world atlases will have to be changed because a flag is a company, and when a company changes they have to change their packaging.

It is said that more citizens in Nz have voted for not to change the flag the votes were 43.3% even though it was more than votes for changing the current flag I still believe that people in Nz will change and vote next time to change the flag because of these reasons that I have told you,there have been vote’s on about three different new designs the votes were low the flags were the silver fern,hundertwasser koru flag and the united flag tribe.

I think that in the end that New zealand needs a new flag because it does not present any of our amazing history and looks boring so next time vote to change our flag to one of the new flags and use real history to show we are different from any places.

Should People be allowed to keep Pit bulls

I know what you will say when I tell you about pit bulls but wait don't go just because they have a bad rep doesn't mean they're beasts and monsters that's just silly a dog is a dog and whats that saying don't judge a book by its cover its the same with a dog, I think?? But anyways don't judge a dog by its breed all dogs are animals and so are we. 

Imagine if i was walking down the street with you and I say LOOK THERE'S A PIT BULL your first thoughts would be to run, DON'T because you cant out run a pit bull when you run it makes a dog think you're playing with it and then they'll bite you so don't run just keep walking normally and don't be scared because a dog can sense fare and they'll think that they're the boss if they sense it.

Pit bulls are not actually bad dogs it depends on the owner they can actually be  good friends if they’re trained properly. Pit bulls that are trained for dog fighting and all that those are the pit bulls that attack because their owner trained them to.I think pit bulls are allowed to be keep'd because they're not bad dogs they'll only be bad if you train it wrong.

Only people who are experienced in dog training should be permitted to own one. They require adequate exercise training socialization and love. Only when a dog any dog is mistreated not trained not socialized and rarely exercised will they begin to show aggression and lash out. Pit bulls are generally overly friendly towards humans so don't expect any guard dog. It is common for a Pit bull to show aggression which is why consistent socialization with all animals and people at an early age.

I hope you think differently about pit bulls

Here's an example

Why we should keep pitbulls as pets

Yes, people should be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets. Just because the breed as a whole has a bad reputation of being aggressive doesn't mean they all are. They are all dogs and they are going to behave how you train them to behave.

Pit bulls are good cute dogs but some people say that pit bulls are very vicious and scary. But people don’t know why is it reacting like that. Actually they are very aggressive and scary is that some owners they don’t give love to their dogs and they have had a bad childhood that's why they are like that. If you give love to your dog and play with them everyday they will have a good reputation, also They will get used to people.

Pit bulls are loving. They are great guard dogs and they will be on your side for the rest of it’s life. They are very cute caring dogs that won’t make you sad it will always make you smile and full of laughter. One thing you should remember before you buy a pit bulls is that If they feel threatened or afraid of kid’s and other people they may act upon their brutal instincts and they should be under certain care. But other wise they are very good pets to have.

So as we can see, even if pit bulls are more dangerous in today's society, they are not dangerous. They are dangerous because they are purposely trained as a breed to be dangerous. If pit bulls were banned, another dog breed would be trained to be just as dangerous and no progress in safety would be made. We must as a society stop blaming the dog and start blaming the owner.

Pitbulls Should Be Kept as pets!!!

Why Are pitbull’s labelled as vicious and dangerous dogs? I own one of these dogs myself and it has been nothing but loveable and gentle with my family.

This might sound crazy but pitbull’s are great with children. You’re probably thinking “are you crazy” but it’s true. Pitbull’s are very loyal and thrive as a family, They generally look out for their owners meaning they are very good for protecting. One human being they look out for the most is a baby and is said that they are very affectionate with them.

Pitbulls are Hilarious. Just like people, Dogs are distinct individuals, But pitbulls carry the most humor and they like to make us laugh by clowning around. As pitbull’s get older they become more playful and less destructive. As a matter of fact pitbull’s have the brightest Personality of all dog breeds. These dogs are very happy if they have a good owner and get treated very well and not being beaten up.

Adopt a Pit Bull and you will have a constant companion keeping you warm in bed, on the couch, on your lap in your favorite chair. many Pit Bulls don’t realize they are too big to be lap dogs. They are so trainable, Pit Bulls can be excellent therapy dogs. But anyway Pitbull’s love people, They really like to cuddle you in bed and keep your bed very warm when you’re not home.

In conclusion I think that Pitbull’s are very loveable and if they ever turn on you and attack you, Thats the owners doing. If that ever happens I don’t think the pitbull should get put to sleep, I think the owner should go to prison for it.

Should boys and girls be in separate classes?

Image result for class room pictures
Should boys and girls be in separate classes?

Research have found that kids achieve higher results in single gender classes than in classes.

Boys and girls brains  function in different ways, so they learn very differently. Girls are more passive learners they are usually good visual and auditory learners and do well with lots of class discussions and diagrams. Boys are more kinetic learners and they need to learn by doing. Single gender classes would mean we could cater for different learning styles.

If you're cater the class to the girls interests you will lose the boys and if you cater to the boys interests you will lose the girls.

Boys are often intimidated by girls verbal abilities in classes like English. They score far better without girls around. The same goes for girls in classes like woodwork PE and science.

The opposite gender can also be a big distraction for students. Keeping it out of the classroom can help get work done.  This is why i think that boys and girls should be in separate classes.