Sunday, 22 March 2015

What is a role model?

What is a positive role model?

A role model can be a lot of things but a real role model is someone who is kind, generous, caring, willing to help someone in need, fair and overall, a nice guy.

Image result for Role modelA role model is not a bully or a gang member. They do not swear, offend or hurt people. They are supposed to be nice. Never think of a person who you see doing at least one bad thing every day a role model. As you see in the title a role model is positive. They make the most of everything and they make the best of everything.

Role models are great helpers, they have a good personality and they like to do what is right. All people should be positive role models but unfortunately they are not. But you reader, you have a chance to become a positive role model. My challenge for you is to be a role model to all your friends and and classmates.

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