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o-LOST-CITY-570.jpgThe lost cityo-LOST-CITY-570 (1).jpg
The lost city was build over  one thousand years ago. The lost city was a place where rich and wealthy people use to go when they was a celebration in the city. _n_6797194.html

here's a link to a website that has a lot of information.

The lost city was found in the area of reserva biologica what was also hear at the time honduras.
over the hundred of years the lost city and be claimed to found in reserva biologica and honduras rainforest,after time the undergrowth has build over the lost city and even now people are trying to find the lost city.And i will give you a reasons why people are still trying to find the lost city because if someone did find the lost city someone would step and has something like i will pay you 11 million if you give some of the lost city and the i will give you the money and that is the first reason why someone would want the lost city.
In the world there were 34 lost cities but the one that i’m going to be talking about the lost city sanchi.Sanchi was found in the capital of egypt,where lot’s of other ancient thing found in egypt,Sanchi was a city where they always wanted peace but they never got peace because other countries and other lost cities tried to take they land. Most people were trying to take sanchi down was because it had one of the most oldest stones that sanchi stole from india and that people were trying and get it back,because i bet at the time that stone was a lot of money. In the lost city they was a population of 2000 people in the city and if you think of that isn't a lot of people to live in one city, and now days in new york the population is 1.6 million people who live in new york, that like the lost city population times 800 to get to the population of new york.  

when the lost city came down into piece it fell about 1000 years ago and when it well they were some celebration in egypt because like i said before that some other temples were trying to destroy the lost city.     

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