Sunday, 22 March 2015

Role model

How to be a positive
‘role model’         
To be a positive role model you have to be sensible, trustworthy and a hard worker.

You have to be sensible to be a good role model because people might look up to you like a 5-6 year old and they’ll want to be sensible like you to. You also have to be sensible so if someone tells on you the teacher or that person will know you didn't do that because you are sensible and wouldn't do something like that.

If you are sensible you will also be trustworthy. Trustworthy means that you can be trusted when doing a special job for a teacher or friend that normally wouldn't let someone do the special job. If you are trustworthy
people will like you and will let you borrow stuff and will know you will return it how you got it.

If you are sensible and trustworthy you are probably a hard worker and if you are a hard worker you will get all your work done so you don’t have to stay in and complete your work. If your work is done you can go do the things you enjoy and you can go to your sports and be happy.

It is good to have these qualities so you can get out to things on time and you can have a good time.
You are a positive role model

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