Sunday, 22 March 2015

positive role model

positive role model

Being a positive role model is someone who always does the right thing and sometimes goes to greater lengths in doing the task. They focus at the task at hand and is always there to help when someone is in need. They're Always trying their best and are considering what they are doing so they can make everyone happy. They are there to help with anything they can, even if it’s the smallest chore. They take any opportunities and are smiling when they are doing it.

No matter how hard it is they try and do the best they can like not running or throwing objects inside the classroom. Picking up rubbish when they see any flying around, being respectful to adults by smiling and greeting them when they pass an adult. Listening to an adult and are always being positive and not negative. Everybody has this quality but just don't see it in them self yet or is already doing this but just hasn't noticed it.

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