Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Piano Is for everyone

piano is for everyone.

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Piano is an instrument that anyone can play, be it if you are young, old, or just have something wrong with your breathing. No one said you can’t play the piano. The piano can help you with many thing such as memory, timing, emotions, reading, concentration, hand coordination, and posture.
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The piano can be used to tune string instruments including the guitar. It has a soft ping or pong to it depending in which key signature you are playing it in. The piano can also set moods or simply express your emotions. They say playing the piano can help you handle stress, and Just by playing in front of people you can build confidence if you have stage fright.
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You can also handle criticism better, helps you react to success and disappointments, You gain friends or rivals. You will be sharper when you think and will have stronger hand muscles. Improve on school performance, aural awareness and split concentration.

If you think that the piano is too girly or just not your thing, you’re so wrong! playing the piano take lots of concentration and stamina. Men and women take hours of practice and have to sit through long periods of time.
In piano you need to be patient, calm, have a clear mind and focus on the sheet music at hand. There are many types of pianos, for those who are learning I recommend starting with the digital pianos before you start using the upright ones or the grand pianos.

The difference between the pianos and keyboards are that the piano has 88 keys while the keyboard has 60 and their sound. If you ever think of buying a piano make sure you know how to care for it. Do this by not putting anything containing moisture like vase with water and flowers, because that will ruin the piano, make sure to have clean dry hands when playing.

Have the piano tuned once a year or until able to tune by yourself. If you have a digital piano don’t worry about tuning it.  If you are now wanting to buy a piano there is two places that I  recommend. ‘The Rock shop’  or ‘music planet’ . Their service is great quality and will provide you with information about the piano and which one will suit you.

So I hope I have educated you on the piano and you are now going to try and play the piano.


  1. Beautiful writing Natalie! I can 'hear' you (Your 'Writer's Voice'), and I can see a lot of improvement since you worked with me a couple of years back. I love the piano, and learned for a bit, but sadly never stuck to it long enough to become accomplished... Hope you do!

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