Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Movie review
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By Mazhar
After an earthquake destroys Paddington's home and kills his uncle, the orphan bear goes away alone on a ship with only his red hat, suitcase, and jars of marmalade with him in the hopes that someone will help him once he gets to London. The idea of him taking the journey on his own might worry some children, but he's quickly taken in by the Brown family. Paddington gets into some dangerous mischief which might delight some kids and scare or upset others including flooding a bathroom, chasing a pickpocket, putting up a fire, and eventually being kidnapped by a cruel, who holds a dart gun and sharp equipment. The Browns aunt helps rescue Paddington by doing shots of whisky with a security guard until they're both drunk, and there's a gross scene in which Paddington cleans out his ears. Expect some flirting, a  kiss between the Browns. But Paddington is very sweet, polite, and good intentioned, and the Brown family is adorably imperfect. Paddington is charming in many ways and touching in others.

My think of this movie is that paddington is a very good movie for 7 plus because it is funny, and it doesn't have any nude scenes. personally i would rate this movie a 5 out of 5- 100%

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