Sunday, 1 March 2015

Movie report

.The challenge.
.with Mary-Kate Olsen.
.and Ashley Olsen.
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The story features on two twin sisters, Shane and Elizabeth Dalton, who live separately from one another on opposite ends of the country. Shane is very into nature and is a vegetarian, while her 
twin sister Lizzie has a totally different type of personality.
They are complete opposites, or so they seem to think.
Neither of them know that they have been entered into the same reality TV show called THE CHALLENGE.

When everyone that is competing in the show arrived they got introduced and put into two teams, team Mayans and team Aztec
The producers think it would be fun to put both twins on the same team when they hate each other.
Shane lives in LA with her Mum and Lizzie in Washington DC with her Dad, they haven't seen each other in two years.
The girls are both put on Team Mayan, will they get along for the sake of both the team and their college scholarships.

They do, of course, break some romance rules with some guys.
Shane falls in love with a member from the opposite team, while Lizzie falls in love with the show's intern.

I liked this movie because I like adventure things and I like 
Mary-Kate and Ashley books and movies.

I would rate this movie 10/10
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  1. if I hadn't seen the movie You would have made me go and see.

  2. if I hadn't seen the movie You would have made me go and see.