Monday, 16 March 2015

Kelly Tarltens

Kelly Tarlton's visit

On Friday the 13th of March, rooms 2,3 and 4 went to look and learn at Kelly Tarlton's sea life aquarium. I'd say about 91% of the year 6,7 and 8's that went had a blast. Each class was split up into around 4-5 groups that all had a parent making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. The first place that everyone went to was the stingray tank where one of Kelly Tarlton's workers was doing the morning feeding presentation. There were heaps of fish gathering around to get a tasty bit of food to eat as well as two ginormous stingrays. After the feed that  was around half an hour long (30 mins) all the classes split up and went to a certain activity that they had been asked to go to by the staff of the aquarium. P1020189.JPG

My class (room 4) went  to see the penguins in their fake, frozen antarctic simulator kind of thing. The simulator held two types of penguins,  king penguins and gentoo penguins.
In fact, a couple of the king penguins had a baby penguin which made the penguins simulator more of a want-to-go-to spot. P1020231.JPG

Then it was the shark mission room. It had heaps of things that had shark teeth, computers with shark facts and games and last of all, a giant shark head (it was fake) it was extraordinary but we had to go to our next stop. That next stop was the giant shark tunnel. It had like a treadmill thing on one side of the floor which moved you along at a slow pace and on the other side there was just plane old carpet that you could walk along at your own pace. But anyway, my group (lead by Callum Moffits mum) went onto the treadmill first and blimey, what a sight it was. It was filled with fish of all shapes and sizes, sharks with piercing teeth, eels that were ugly and mysterious. Man it sure was a sight for sore eyes.P1020303.JPG

We moved on though into a big room or three to look around in a fish gallery. It was filled with fish of all shapes and sizes. It had colourful fish like clown fish, puffer fish, octopuses, eels and crayfish. It was one of my favourite parts of the trip, but thats not all that was there. There was one big room called seahorse kingdom and was filled with seahorses and seadragons. It was very cool and made the fish gallery even more spectacular. P1020344.JPG

We left the gallery at just the right time because I was starting to feel real hungry. So all of room 4 sat down for a nice lunch. It was the lunch I had been waiting for. But the trip was not over yet. We went into a room in the gift shop and had a lesson taught by one of Kelly Tarlten’s staff about estuaries.It was quite interesting.

Finally the trip was over and we all headed over to the buses that we had come in. Well, at least room 4 was heading towards the buses. Everyone else was still in the aquarium. So room 4 had to wait on the one of the buses for a little while. The rest came eventually and we all headed back to Reremoana school after a great day at Kelly Tarlton's sea life aquarium.

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