Sunday, 22 March 2015

How To Be A Positive Role Model - Victoria

A young superhero that is always on time, shows their peers how to behave and is admired by others. This is some of the things role models show at a brilliant pace and is very hard to do for others.

A role model is someone that everybody looks up to. A person everybody wants to be. A person who inspires others.
Role models do the littlest things that matter the most and everybody sees this and counts them as wonderful people. By helping little children cross the street, showing school youngsters how to act in assembly and picking up rubbish is a few of the many things these ‘heroes’ do. Let alone use extremely great manners.

Role models seem to be very mature and very positive towards learning and they inspire those around them. They show everyone what a good example really means and always tend to show it through the tiniest things. They lead by example.

So since Ive told you how and what a role model is, lets start being one!

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